Game of Thrones Fans: Did You Know That Gilly Looks Like This In Real Life?

Although many of our favorite Game of Thrones stars have gone on to become some of the most recognizable faces, there are a few that have gone through quite the transformation for the screen, that you wouldn’t know it was them if you ran into them on the street. One of these is Gilly, played by Hannah Murray!

Gilly, a wildling who used to live in Craster’s Keep under her abusive father, meets Samwell Tarly, who later helps her escape along with her newborn son. Craster rapes his nineteen daughters and only allows the baby girls to live; the boys are offered as “sacrifices” to the White Walkers.

Gilly’s appearance reflects the horrific condition’s she’s gone through, usually looking unkempt with limp brown hair.

Hannah Murray, however, looks completely unrecognizable as Gilly when she’s not on set. Hannah used to star on the British teen series Skins when she was 16, so playing Gilly on Game of Thrones is a complete departure from her former pretty girl role.

Did you recognize Hannah Murray as Gilly? Let us know your thoughts!


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