Gal Gadot Won’t Return As Wonder Woman Until Brett Ratner Exits The Franchise

Wonder Woman has been THE defining blockbuster movie of women empowerment this year: Aside from being led by a powerful female movie star and being directed by a woman, Wonder Woman’s story has all been about breaking societal expectations of women and rising up to the challenge.

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It’s then laudable that Gal Gadot sincerely embodies these principles. In short, Gal practices what she preaches. So much, that the 32-year-old Israeli star is refusing to sign on as Wonder Woman for the movie’s sequel until Brett Ratner is 100 percent out of the picture.

Brett Ratner now joins a list of disgraced Hollywood bigwigs who have been exposed this year as sexual abusers and harassers. Six women, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge have come forward and spoke out against Ratner.

And now, with Gal’s refusal to return as Wonder Woman, Gal is taking a stand with the hundreds of women in Hollywood who have experienced sexual harassment and assault within the industry. After all, Gal can’t headline a movie that speaks about women empowerment if one of its main producers has committed sexual harassment against women.

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