Gabriela: It’s Showtime Seems to be Pimping Pastillas Girl

GABRIELA It's Showtime Seems to be Pimping Pastillas Girl

Angelica Jane Yap, or Pastillas Girl, is It’s Showtime‘s answer to Eat Bulaga‘s AlDub and she is slowly rising to stardom. As her segment is gaining popularity because of her recipe to making pastillas mixed with comments about a bad breakup, critics are concerned with how the show is introducing her to various men.

According to a letter the Gabriela Women’s Party sent to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board and It’s Showtime‘s executive producer Mark Rejano, they are receiving complaints about the show’s alleged pimping of Yap to suitors.

According to the letter:

We wish to inform you that we have been receiving complaints regarding exploitation of women in relation to your serye “Pastillas Girl” since it aired this month in Showtime. Concerned citizens wrote us and tagged us in their Twitter posts alleging that the show seems to be pimping the said Pastillas Girl to various interested men.

As part of the letter, Gabriela mentioned its advocacy of the protection and advancement of women’s rights, and believes that the competition between the two TV networks shouldn’t come at the expense of women. They also gave It’s Showtime‘s executive producer the chance to respond to the allegations publicly.

Rejano has not aired the network’s side as of publishing.

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