Gabbi Garcia, Truly An Encantada At 18!

Words by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)
Photos by Jesus Arturo Dalumpines (@jesusartdalumpines)

Popularly known as Alena from the re-telling of Encantadia, Gabbi Garcia has reached yet another achievement. At the young age of 18, Gabbi Garcia is the first Filipina face of an interntional shampoo brand. She shares this achievement with international celebrities like Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra.

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Gabbi’s commercial is airing not only in the Philippines but in 9 other countries as well! Some of which are Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia, the country where the commercial was shot. She worked with renowned photographer and film maker, Olivier Staub, Hollywood stylist Ellie Goodman, celebrity hair stylist, Ken Arthur and, Robbie Piñera.

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Not only is Gabbi the new face of Pantene, she’s also Preview’s April 2017 issue! A huge honor, according to her, because she’s always wanted to be work with Preview. She sizzled in the shoot with couture gowns and high-fashion photography – a more mature take for Gabbi – showing just how much more she could offer the industry. However, when asked if this is the sign that she’ll be taking a more mature or sexier route, she said that it’s best to consider that she’s still 18 years old.

With Gabbi as the new face of a local shampoo brand and Preview Magazine’s April cover girl, it may be easy to dismiss Gabbi as just another pretty face in the industry. However, she’s confident and thankful with her achievements, she takes it all in stride and strives to do even better. She wishes to further expand and build her career as well as to take on new frontiers, like the music industry!

And Gabbi’s not without a cause, having experience bashing on social media, she’s an avid advocate of responsible social media usage. Aside from this, she’s also a supporter of keeping our seas clean! She was part of a underwater clean-up initiative in Batangas!

Strong with an advocacy and undoubtedly beautiful, Gabbi Garcia is truly the epitome of what the shampoo brand stands for.

Catch Gabbi on Encantadia every Monday to Friday, 8pm. And stay tuned for her upcoming projects!