Gab Valenciano’s Wife Tricia Centenera Tweets About Cheating

At the start, it looked like Gab Valenciano and Tricia Centenera were the perfect pair. There are so many things to say to describe them, but we’d rather let their wedding video speak for itself:

Gab Loves Tricia – Wedding Film 2015 from Bob Nicolas on Vimeo.

The two were married twice, first in Tagaytay Highlands and then in Boracay, but after a year of wedded bliss, it looks like their marriage is on the rocks.

It all started when Tricia posted a series of cryptic tweets on Twitter:

It all sounded vague, until she posted these tweets:

And retweeted this tweet:

On his part, Gab posted these:

A pocket full of sunshine in the stormiest of days. I love you both with everything I am.

A photo posted by Gabriel Valenciano (@gabvalenciano) on

The two have not publicly spoken about their relationship.

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