This quarantine transformation is all the inspiration you need to achieve your dream bod

Ever since the country went into quarantine last March, we’ve seen a lot of people strive to live a more holistic lifestyle. From eating healthy to having daily workout sessions, learning to treat our bodies better has never been as important as it is now.

Whatever part of your fitness journey you’re currently in – whether you’re stuck in a rut, progressing just as you like, or haven’t even started – stories of success is often just the motivation you need to keep on going.

Gab Loste, a content creator, recently shared his own inspiring story on social media.

After a few months of quarantine (read: hiding) it’s time to finally announce it: I made a new YouTube channel! I…

Posted by Gab Loste on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

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“I also want to share with you guys my progress in my fitness journey. Apart from just physique and feeling better, one of the things I’m most happy about is being able to have the confidence and literal strength to do and enjoy sports I haven’t done in years like cycling,” his post on Facebook reads.

He continues: “I really realized how important it is to treat your body right and it’ll treat you well in return (real shocker wow!). Being able to wake up early has improved my mental health so much (no more late-night pondering sessions if ya know what I mean) and yeah basically I’m just able to focus on the things in life that excite me.”

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Gab shared with us that his workout routine consists of a morning cardio session and an afternoon strength session. His cardio sessions are any type of cardio exercise he’s in the mood for, ranging from a combination of long walks and a 30 to 45-minute jump rope session to cycling. He begins at 7 am and typically ends around 10 or 11 am.

His afternoon strength training can be broken down into 3 main sets. First is a  5-minute push-up set, pull-ups (until failure), and a hanging ab bar set. Next is 7 main lifting exercises which usually include some bicep curls, deadlifts, squats, and chest presses depending on the day. Finally, he ends with a 5-minute continuous shoulder routine and a 4-exercise countdown ab set on a yoga mat.

Gab says that although he’s made remarkable progress in his own fitness journey, he’s simply sharing his story to inspire others and not necessarily guide other’s fitness regimens.

I’d say start with whatever’s manageable first and don’t go too hard all at once,” Gab advises. “The workouts I do fit me because I slowly added exercises every day until it got to where it is now so don’t feel pressured if you can’t go all out all at once.”

“Aside from that just listen to your body and know when to give yourself a break, your exercises will feel better the next day and you’ll thank yourself.” 

You can follow Gab’s fitness journey on his YouTube channel or check him out on Instagram (@gabpolitely).

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