Time to upgrade your home with the 1st FUTURE TV: The HUAWEI VISION S SERIES

The HUAWEI Vision S Series is the smartest AI smart tv with smartphone functionalityI bet your current tv can’t do that!

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Yes, finally! I’ve been secretly waiting for this for more than 2 years now especially after I attended HUAWEI’s HarmonyOS launch in China. There’s no doubt in my mind that I want to fully live the HUAWEI lifestyle by experiencing the HUAWEI Ecosystem in my own home. Last year, I already started my transition as I began switching to a HUAWEI Matebook 13, HUAWEI Sound X, Matepad, Mate 40 Pro, plus wearables like the HUAWEI Watch Fit and Freebuds Pro. Quarantine life became more bearable, and my productivity even increased. To further improve my HUAWEI Ecosystem experience, I found myself purchasing 2 extra HUAWEI Wifi 6 AX3 units for me and mom so our MEETime calls are clearer than ever. Embracing the HUAWEI Ecosystem still stands as one of my best life decisions ever.

And then finally, the arrival of my much-awaited device, the HUAWEI Vision S Series – the device that ties all other HUAWEI devices together! And yeah, I had some idea on what the Vision S Series could do, but I’m surprised that it can do a whole lot more! This is definitely not your ordinary smart tv… it’s the 1st ever FUTURE TV with features never seen before in other brands.


When HUAWEI says they will go beyond tv, you better freakin’ believe it! (hands down)

According to HUAWEI HQ, “The Huawei Vision S Series is on the cutting-edge of the rapidly-growing smart screen field, incorporating breathtaking technologies, and facilitating sparkling new interactions within the home.

It comes equipped with Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system, which supports sterling HD video calling, an intelligent voice assistant, and unique cross-device collaborative capabilities, connecting individuals, devices, and objects in truly unprecedented ways – with all-encompassing interconnectivity and perception at its core.

 In order to deliver immersive entertainment, Vision incorporates audiovisual features, bolstered by powerful computing and intelligence, to provide viewers with more enriching and personalized leisure. As a product that transcends all previous notions of what is possible on a smart device, Vision represents the future of TV, and the foundation of smart home-based living.”

Before I start with a much-detailed explanation, here a quick rundown of its main features:


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  1. 120Hz Stunning Picture in 4K UHD
  2. 4 powerful speakers powered by HUAWEI Sound
  3. Houses pre-installed ready to use apps for everyone to enjoy
  4. Has a sleek minimalist design that dazzles every room.
  5. A 1080p camera with MEETime feature so you can make video calls using your big screen
  6. Harmony intelligent features such as the One-Hop projection, distributed gaming, Huawei Share and more
  7. The VISION App where you can control your VISION S SERIES tv using your phone
  8. A smart feature wherein you can even turn your phone into a gaming pad while you play games on your VISION S SERIES. Yes, it turns into an instant gaming console!

Designed to dazzle in every room

The HUAWEI Vision S Series comes in a sleek, minimalist form to ensure that the screen stands alone as if suspended in midair. The FullView display design produces a high screen-to-body ratio with a Three-sided boundless design, for an all-consuming viewing experience.  It has a screen-to-body ratio of 94%. Aside from the FullView screen, it also comes with a magnetic suction camera that can be used for MEETime video calls. No need to worry about privacy and security since it’s directly under the user’s control. It freely adjusts all the way to 180°, to account for every conceivable shooting angle and scenario.

HUAWEI Vision S wallpaper

I immediately mounted the 65” HUAWEI VISION S SERIES on my wall and I instantly fell in love with it. I also have a 55” android tv and now with the 65” HUAWEI VISION S SERIES, OMG, I need this is my life. It screams elegance and an attention stealer!

120Hz Stunning Picture & Color Technology Keeps You Glued at a Glance

Vision S Series devices come equipped with a 120Hz display to provide users with a new level of viewing immersion. Having a 120Hz display offers double the screen scanning speed and turnover speed for the liquid crystal molecules, and thanks also to Huawei’s smart MEMC.

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Vision S Series is capable of inserting 24/30 fps video into 120 frames on an intelligent basis so regardless of what’s being played, from fight scenes in movies to fast-paced action in games to shots on goal, everything is rendered more smoothly and with optimal stability.

Thanks to its Stunning Color technology with a DCI-P3 color gamut of 92%, reds, greens, and blues look more vibrant and brighter, along with uncannily accurate color restoration for film, producing true-to-life viewing that’s faithful to the content creator’s original vision.

The Vision Vision S Series is so intelligent that it can adjust the sound and graphics to account for the content. It detects the broadcasted content on an intelligent basis, and then tailors it to produce the optimal audiovisual experience providing for newly exhilarating home entertainment.

Huawei knows that people will be super glued to Huawei Vision S Series so to prevent eye fatigue and discomfort especially for kids, they made sure to obtain the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and TÜV Rheinland Flicker-free eye care certifications.

Huawei Sound Algorithm, to Bring Out Every Texture and Timbre

The Huawei Vision S Series boasts of having four (4) 10W speakers and 1L sound cavity that creates balanced clear bright sounds with bass that’s vigorous and powerful. To make it even more astonishing, the speakers are coupled with HUAWEI Sound Algorithm. The HUAWEI Sound Algorithm is HUAWEI’s most advanced audio processing algorithm to provide users with a more immersive experience.

It also features an intelligent audio-visual mode that automatically recognizes the scene to match the best audio and video standards for maximum pleasure.

Go Beyond TV

Now we come to the most exciting part where I tell you how the Huawei Vision S Series goes beyond TV with features that aren’t available with other brands.

Whenever I think of HUAWEI, the next thing that comes to my mind is AI – and I believe that HUAWEI is the pioneer when it comes to devices with AI technology that’s why I’m so excited to try and discover what they did with the Huawei Vision S Series. And so far, it has exceeded all my expectations.

The Huawei Vision S Series’ intelligence is powered by the HarmonyOS. Aside from having impressive smart tv features, it also includes intelligent features like MEETime Video Call, AI Voice and Multi-Screen Collaboration. The HarmonyOS provide user with the best of both worlds: boundless immersive viewing with smartphone functionality. I bet your current tv can’t do that!

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First off, it has a 13MP HD Magnetic Camera that’s adjustable, detachable, and can rotate to up to 180degrees for the best angle. This supports 1080P MEETime Calls, MEETime call transfer (from smartphone to Vision S Series) and serves as your Home Camera making it the true hub of your home. The magnetic suction design makes it easy to disassemble at any time, and an adjustable top-down form enables you to get your perfect shooting angle every time.

With the Huawei Vision S Series, you can finally get to capture the joy of each birthday party or family gathering, by shooting with the expanded field of view that smartphones simply couldn’t do since you only have a very limited frame. I think this is such a relevant feature now since we’re not allowed to attend big gatherings. With the Huawei Vision S Series, you can see your friends and loved ones on a way bigger frame which makes them feel closer to you.

HUAWEI Vision S MeeTime

I remember when my mom and I had our 1st MEETime call using the Huawei Vision S Series. It was quite an emotional moment for both of us since we don’t get to each other these days. My mom was so impressed and even got teary-eyed because she couldn’t believe I could see her on a big screen. She said my voice was also loud and crystal clear even when I’m not standing near the tv.  The Huawei Vision S Series is now the family’s central hub for communications. My mom and I use it daily to catch up and check on me here in the house.

By the way, this feature is also ideal and very helpful for people who work from home on Zoom meetings, and even for online classes. Yes,  it’s now possible to use your tv for Zoom meetings! Super cool right? You may also use the MEETime Transfer to transfer MEETime Calls from your HUAWEI smartphone to the Vision S Series for a more hands-free experience.

It also features AI Voice for hands-free voice navigation so we won’t be too dependent on the remote control anymore.

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Hey Celia!


Connect to your tv instantly with HUAWEI’s Multi-Device Collaboration

The Huawei Vision S Series’ touch remote includes a built-in NFC tag, which means that it doesn’t need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network or be manually paired. All you have to do is simply tap your smartphone on the NFC tag and your screen will be instantly shared on your tv screen with HUAWEI’s One-Hop Projection.

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Even while you’re projecting your phone on the Vision S screen, all your notifications, incoming calls, and messages will be kept hidden from view thanks to its airtight privacy safeguard.

The Mirror Control nimble smartphone functionality, enabling it to operate as a touchscreen. The Vision can mirror the phone screen, with touchscreen attributes to fully reproduce the smartphone experience.

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Here’s another cool feature – you can use your smartphone as a gamepad with the Huawei Vision S Series. This cool feature can be used with installed games on your Huawei Vision S Series. You may also download more games on the HUAWEI AppGallery too. Simply open your desired game app then establish a connection to your home to make it your gamepad.

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HUAWEI Vision S AppGallery

Compared with traditional mobile game projection solutions, HarmonyOS distributed gaming offers clearer graphics, with low latency. Distributed capabilities are also able to utilize the various phone sensors, to achieve a next-level gaming experience.

HUAWEI knows that we Pinoys are addicted to singing so they included Karaoke singing apps and mics when you purchase the Huawei Vision S Series.


Turn your smartphone into a remote with the VISION HOME APP

Download the HUAWEI Vision app to experience a range of intelligent and interactive features, including convenient MeeTime video call and Mirror Control that’s even supported on non-HUAWEI android smartphones.

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*Non- Huawei smartphones running on Android 8.0 or later are compatible with the Huawei Vision S Series.

**iPhone users can also use third-party projection apps to support some functions such as the One-Hop Projection.

Enjoy a constellation of video resources to keep you glued at home.

The Huawei Vision S Series already houses ready-to-use video apps like Basketball Slam, Wish FM, Konsulta MD, Weather PH and more. There’s also HUAWEI VIDEO where you can watch popular Asian dramas, Pinoy movies and also BBC shows. Good thing I have a VIP subscription

as a HUAWEI Club member. =)

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Can you also watch Netflix, YouTube etc? Hell yeah! All you have to do is simply plug and play the included OTT Box in one of the HDMI ports and you’re ready to go! By the way,  OTT boxes like the Apple TV box can also be connected to Vision S as well. =)

At the moment, I’m able to watch Netflix. YouTube, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and more. I feel so relieved because my previous android tv couldn’t do it since it never receives any android updates. Finally, with the Vision S Series, I get to enjoy my Amazon Prime subscription on my big screen!

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HUAWEI Vision S gaming

Livin’ the AI LIFE

Now, I’m happy to say that I’m finally living a smart AI lifestyle with the HUAWEI Ecosystem.

When I attended the HarmonyOS launch in China a few years back, I would have to admit that during that time, things were still kinda blurry but since last year as I slowly transitioned to all HUAWEI smart devices, I finally get to experience 1st hand HUAWEI’s 1+8+N strategy- where all my other devices can be controlled by my smartphone and that all of them get to communicate with each other to assist me in my day to day needs. All I can say is that embracing the HUAWEI lifestyle is truly amazing and I wish more people would try it too.

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So what’s the price?

With all these awesome beyond the usual tv intelligent features, you may be thinking right now that the price of the Huawei Vision S Series would cost an arm and a leg… That’s what I thought too but surprisingly, it’s super affordable that I’ve decided to buy my own 65” as my birthday gift to myself =)

Here are the regular SRPs:

Huawei Vision S Series 55’ : P36,999

Huawei Vision S Series 65’ : P56,999


first sale

HUAWEI is currently having their FIRST SALES PROMO that’s EXTENDED until May 31!

  • 55’-inch Vision S Series:
    • Cash/Straight: Php 32, 999
    • SRP: Php 36, 999
  • 65’-inch Vision S Series:
    • Cash/Straight: Php 49, 999
    • SRP: Php 56, 999
  • Each comes with a FREE SmartBox worth Php 3,999 from May 22-September 30
  • FREE Delivery from May 7-31, 2021

The Huawei Vision S can be purchased in:

 Online Channels

I also recommend you try out HUAWEI’s Easy Buy option where you can reserve online, purchase it offline then have it delivered to your home!

Here are the details:

  • Pre-Order and reserve your Huawei Vision S Series Online by filling up the form and an opportunity to get exclusive freebies alongside your purchase!
  • Experience the Huawei Vision S Series in select Huawei Experience Store to test out the latest Huawei devices and checkout other Huawei devices that you further elevate your lifestyle!
  • You can also enjoy in-store installments for up-to 6 months with the offline purchase experience!
  • FREE door-to-door delivery experience for your convenience from May 7-31.

Visit this link to fill out the Easy Buy form: https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/campaign/visions/easybuy/


Lastly, get a chance to win your very own Huawei Vision S through the Make a TV Call retail activity! All you have to do is go to your nearest Huawei Concept Store and experience its smart features in order to qualify.  Visit this link for the full details:  https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/community/details/topicId_128676/


For more info and the latest HUAWEI news, visit https://consumer.huawei.com/ph/ or their official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HuaweimobilePH