Furious Leaders: Who Said It, General Antonio Luna or Mayor Rodrigo Duterte?

Antonio Luna and Rodrigo Duterte are highly famous (or infamous?) for being fierce leaders who rule and govern with an iron fist. One was, in the words of American General Frederick Funston, “the ablest and most aggressive leader of the Filipino Republic.” The other is a long-serving mayor, known for his strict implementation of laws in Davao City.

Hen Luna_Duterte

Their brand of justice and discipline might be too much for most to handle, but both of these ruthless yet patriotic men of the law deliver and stay loyal to their duty. Think you know these men well? Let’s put that to the test. Take this quiz and find out the answers on the next page!


Who said it: The Fiery General, Antonio Luna, or Madcap Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte?


12. “I will fight and offer my life, my small knowledge, and science for the liberation of the Motherland.”

11. “You give credit to these revolutionaries, you can exchange words and deal with them.”

10. “Independence or death?”

9. “Leaders respond to duty and moral obligation.”

8. “…it was because the army had been brought to a desperate situation by the demoralization of the soldiers and the lack of ammunition: nothing but action of rash courage and extraordinary energy could hinder its dissolution.”

7. “That is not the way democracy operates.”

6. “To compromise with the enemy is to have a new era of slavery and suffering!”

Hen Luna 02

5. “…there’s been historical injustice committed on the people.”

4. “Cowards! Assassins!”

3. “If at that moment, the enemy attacked, there is no doubt that they would have died first before abandoning their posts!”

2. “…to give accurate reports of the sufferings and necessities of the troops.”

1. “On this battlefield, man has no better weapon than his intelligence, no other force but his heart.”


Ready to find out how you did? See the answers on the next page!