FUNNY: Aia de Leon’s Carpool Version of ‘Let it Snow’

How do you feel the Christmas spirit when you’re stuck in traffic??

So you’re tired of December Jose Mari Chan and Mariah Carey. Here we give you former Imago vocalist Aia de Leon’s version of a song written by John Hendrix, so you can enjoy the essence of the season on the road. Even when there’s something you wish you could tell the other drivers at EDSA!

Sing along to the lyrics:

The driving outside is frightful,
staying home seems quite delightful.
How fast does the traffic go?
Very slow, very slow, very slow.
You’re getting so tired of waiting
and you need some urinating,
your bladder wants to explode
Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow.
Other drivers they drive you nuts,
and there’s something you wish you could tell:
“Though it may not amount to much,
Kiss my ass, you can all go to hell.”
Everybody skipped driving classes,
you’re surrounded by dumb asses.
You’ve got a long way to go
Very slow, very slow, very slow.

This is gonna be my jam. Anthem, probably. What are your favorite Christmas songs? 🙂


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