Fundraising Event for Vocalist Tatum Tan’s Battle Against Cancer this August 26

I don’t know about you, but more and more people I know seem to be getting sick, and one of the most common sicknesses is cancer. I wish it were like any other ailment that could go away with a few drops of medicine but it’s not that easy. It takes years to battle this disease and it’s not easy.

Which is why when friends and family found out of their loved ones sickness, they immediately did something to help her… and they need our help too.

Fund raiser for Tatum Tan

Take it from The Beatles: When you need help, you can always get by with a little help from your friends. And what amazing friends Tatum Tan-Gaquit has!

Tatum is a talented musician and singer based in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.  Just recently, she was diagnosed with Stage 3b Cervical Cancer. Although the said health condition is not operable anymore, the cancer can still be stopped with numerous therapies and treatments. However, the said treatments are costly and they are beyond her and her family’s financial capabilities.

In order to provide financial assistance, her friends launched a campaign called #forTatum in Indiegogo, a site that hosts online fundraisers. As of press time, their campaign has managed to raise over US$2,990, just $7,010 shy from reaching their goal amount of $10,000. The said goal amount  is already enough to cover the medical and personal expenses that Tatum and her family needs. For immediate needs, they have tirelessly solicited money from private individuals, groups, companies, and batch mates from all over the world.

 Tatum singing If I Ain’t Got You

In addition, they also organized a simultaneous fundraising music event that will be done in cities across the Philippines such as Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, and Manila. Schedules and list of performers and bands are in the poster.

“We love Tatum and we would love to hear her sing again,” one of her friends said. ” She is an amazing singer and we want her to survive not just for her God-given talent, but also for her family and kids.”

Should you wish to know Tatum more and/or donate a little amount for Tatum’s operation as well as information about their fundraising concerts, you can click on the link below that will send you to their campaign in Indiegogo:

Hear her sing here:

Fund raiser for Tatum Tan 01

The first fundraising gig is happening on Aug 26, and another one in September in CDO!

Find out more about the fundraising event or donate some spare change by visiting their page here –

Our prayers are with you Tatum! Fight!

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