Full Moon PH: Don’t Miss the Second Leg in Puerto Galera This March 10 to 11

FullMoonPartyPH 9

Puerto Galera is no stranger to those looking for a little escape from the highly urban lifestyle. During the day, you’ll be greeted with views of the shore, the scent of the ocean, and the cool sea breeze against your skin.

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FullMoonPartyPH 10

At night, however, folks here know how to turn up the heat and raise the volume to eleven. Full Moon PH (see: Get Ready to Celebrate the First FULL MOON Party of the Year!) offers just that.

FullMoonPartyPH 1Definitely not your usual party!

FullMoonPartyPH 3Body paint for you to glow under those blacklights.

FullMoonPartyPH 4Put your drinks up and get lost!

FullMoonPartyPH 5One half of Blake N Hawk putting down beats for the crowd.

FullMoonPartyPH 7Yep, the DJs (here: Blake N Hawk) are in the very middle of everything. Feel free to jump with them on deck!

FullMoonPartyPH 8Shoutout to Burlesque PH for their daring number!

Awesome beats, great company, the tropical vibe, and a plethora of drinks, Full Moon PH will make you get lost in this island getaway party!

In case you missed this tropical party getaway, there’s going to be another one on March 10 to 11. Don’t you dare miss out on this one!

Full Moon PH

Website: www.fullmoonph.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fullmoonph


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