FTW Apparel: The ultimate #EverydayEssentials for men

Bags have been such a trend for men recently. Moreover, jackets have always been in style and new designs, classy or cool have always been difficult to find in a unique aspect. Now, FTW Apparel changes how classy and cool is with their very fashionable bags and jackets! From classy to cool, to swag. All these in-store with FTW Apparel’s bags, jackets and pull-overs! FTW Apparel actually means “From The Wardrobe” Apparel. Interesting name. They have grown through their unique style and classy designs that even Zalora and Lazada now carries their products. Let’s see them below.







I absolutely love their bags! One that I have is the Dublin backpack/slingbag. It’s a sling bag which is convertible into a backpack just by changing the attachment of the sling to the bag. Pretty darn smart and stylish! Hitting 2 styles in one! Personally, I have been using this to carry my camera everytime I head out, I never leave this bag at home.




Everytime I need to bring more stuff around though, I grab my Arezzo backpack instead also by FTWapparel. It’s a very stylish backpack that really does the job well! Enough space to even fit a small box. Not to mention the amazing quality that FTWapparel creates with all of their bags. I actually traveled to Japan with both the Arrezo backpack and Dublin slingbag!




I also have the uber cool 3D Star Neoprene pull-over from FTWapparel and I love how it brings out a lot of character. Stylish and cool, depending on how you match your clothes with it. Heck, even Alden Richards is wearing one!




Carrying many of my stuff around Tokyo, Saitama, and even going as far as Gunma and further up north to snowboard, the FTWapparel slingbag and backpack gets the job done and in style! And the 3D Star Neoprene kept me in great fashion everywhere I go! So what are you waiting for? Go to Zalora, Lazada, or to their Instagram and Facebook account to order now! The Arrezo backpack is priced at Php 1,550 and the Dublin slingbag is at Php 1,200 while the 3D Star Neoprene is at Php 1,650. Simply search for FTWapparel in Lazada and Zalora, or check-out their instagram and Facebook page below.


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FTWapparel Instagram: @FTWapparel