“Frozen” Sequel Set for 2015

“Frozen” Sequel Set for 2015



Yep, the short film “Frozen”, which popularized the hit song “Let It Go”, is coming back with a follow-up.

The song is so popular that different awesome versions such as a MannyPacquiao-esque version at ESPY came out, Bogart the Explorer had “Brozen”, the Pinoy girl group in a Korean talent show sang it, and even this amazing girl in a mall.

According to the report of Time, “Walt Disney Animation studios announced Tuesday that an animated follow-up to the hit movie called Frozen Fever will be released next spring, and will likely include all your favorite characters.”

Frozen in 2015 (Image from: Disney)

The report adds, “The short film is about Elsa and Kristoff teaming up to do something special for Anna’s birthday, but obviously Elsa’s icy powers get in the way.”

Let it go…. Let it gooooo~

Really looking forward when it hits Manila theaters and for a new song to get stuck in my head!!!

How about you?




“Frozen” Sequel Set for 2015