Fresh BS Architecture cum laude graduates are #RelationshipGoals!

When the tough gets rough, what keeps you going? One factor could be someone significant in your life! This couple keeps each other inspired throughout their whole academic stay at the University of the Philippines before they graduated with a degree in Architecture.

John Khenbert L. Yu and Kimberly P. Dospueblos have been going strong for four years (and counting!). While they keep the burning the midnight oil for the past five years, so did their love. Although their love started at around their second year studying Architecture, throughout the academic and personal struggles, the two looked after each other and finished their undergraduate degree together, each graduating with a cum laude distinction.

WHEN IN MANILA reached out to the couple and we found out how they managed to balance beauty, brains and of course, bae!

WheninManila.com: Why did you choose architecture? Was UP your dream school?
Khenbert Yu: Honestly, I chose architecture because I thought it was just all about drawing houses and buildings. I was so wrong. UST was my dream school, but passing the UPCAT was my goal since I knew we couldn’t afford UST.
Kim Dospueblos: I knew I had to take up Architecture as my college degree since I first thought it would be the perfect course that best suited my interests. As a grade school student, I was always fond of art and mathematics, and Architecture was the best fit. Yes, UP was my dream school, in fact, I took a shot and only applied to this university when I was in high school. Luckily enough, I passed.

WIM: How did you guys meet?
Kim: I’ve known Khen ever since we were in grade school in Ateneo de Davao University.
Khen: I first met Kim back in grade 1; we were classmates. We were classmates again in grade 3, but in both years we never really became friends. We became friends and later “barkadas” during first-year college.
Kim: He was one of the two Ateneo batch mates I knew who also took up Architecture in UP Mindanao. Ever since freshman year we were bloc mates and classmates in every class.


image1 1

1st Year College: Freshmen Night, 2013
Photo by Jasper Andrei Lampasa


2nd Year College: Defining Spaces 8, 2015
Photo by Jasper Andrei Lampasa

WIM: How did you manage to balance school and your relationship?
Khen: Balancing our academics and relationship was never really a problem, primarily because we had the same school work and the mindset to prioritize academics over dating. Most of the time we do our school work together. It also helps that we are able to make up for the weaknesses of each other.
Kim: I think being block mates from start to finish was a big factor to balancing school and our relationship. I would say both of us were serious with our studies, so we really knew our priorities. It also helped that we cheer each other up and help each other out in our academics and extracurricular activities.

WIM: How did your relationship grow over the years?
Kim: It all started back in 2013, freshman year. We were both chosen to be representatives of our course for a school event – which was also Freshmen Night. Personally, that was when I started to have feelings for Khen. It was December 2013 when we became official. Since then, I’m happy to say we’ve grown closer and our relationship stronger.
Kim and I have different personalities, interests, and background. So I think being in a relationship together allowed us to learn new things from each other and grow. I can say personally that I have learned a lot from Kim.

WIM: What are the challenges you faced in school whilst balancing your relationship?
Khen: Personally, the challenge for me was to ensure that we both do well in our academics. It has become my mindset to always think of how Kim was doing with her school work. It was my goal that at every assignment, plate, and exam we would both be able to submit our best output.
Kim: I think the biggest challenge was us being preoccupied with our own school work. But the fact that we understood what each other was going through (because it was practically the same school work) helped us get through it!


3rd Year College: Exposure Trip to Freyfil, 2015
Photo by Ar. Dan Jezreel Orendain


3rd Year College: Davies Color Run, 2015
Photo by Jasper Andrei Lampasa

WIM: Did you set goals for one another and/or as a couple considering that you are both in the same course/field?
Khen: Yes, we set goals together.
When we were still in college, the goal was to graduate together. There were many times I doubted my capabilities to the point I was scared I couldn’t finish on time. But the company and reassurance Khen gave me got me through all of it. Now that we’ve graduated, the goals are to finish 3,840 hours of apprenticeship and to pass the boards in 2 years time.
Khen: I believe it’s important for couples who are in it for the long run to have goals and work for it. It acts as a guide, reminder, and foundation. We also plan to have different mentors so as to have different experiences we can share with each other.

WIM: Netizens dubbed you as #relationshipgoals. What are tips you can share for couples who aspire to be like the both of you?
I think what I can say is the importance of having faith in each other. Additionally, finding strength in each other. I think what matters most is that you care for each other’s happiness because honestly, you just want to see your partner happy because you know for yourself that his/her happiness will make you happy, too.
Khen: There needs to be room for growth in a relationship. Learn from each other, other people, mistakes, etc. Loving each other is like any lesson in school, you have to study and know your partner; it’s a process, it doesn’t happen overnight.

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4th Year College: Field Trip to Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2016

image8 e1531635699909

5th Year College: Thesis Design Proposal Deliberations, 2017
Photo by: Dawn Golimlim

image6 e1531635679517

Sablay, 2018
Photo by Great Image

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Graduation Day, Sablay 2018
Photo by Kate Dospueblos

Congratulations and best wishes to the both of you!

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