Get Free Threading and Waxing Services at Hey Sugar on November 27!

It’s a fact that women have incredibly high pain thresholds. Women see past the challenge of childbirth and see the joy in it.
They wear high heels willingly, or slip into a pair of Spanx if they must. They even tear hair off of their skin as part of their regular grooming routine.

While there’s not much women can do about pinched feet and blisters, waxing doesn’t have to be as painful as you imagine. It’s a matter of knowing where to go and what waxing method to choose.

So, in the spirit of this year’s National Hair Free Day, we are letting you in on a secret: sugar waxing is a nearly pain-free way of dealing with unwanted hair.

Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

Take Hey Sugar’s sugaring process, for example. Known for only using gentle all-natural ingredients, Hey Sugar takes you through the process of waxing without causing anxiety, regardless if you’ve been doing this for years or are entirely new to the whole thing.

Their method is swift, but efficient. It begins by an expert aesthetician pouring the sugar wax on the area, so its rich, delicious warmth soaks into your skin. This allows the mixture to really seep into your pores and get a good grip on hair follicles, straight from the roots, with the added bonus of moisturizing and exfoliating your skin. They work in small, manageable sections and press on the skin gently as they lift the cooled wax, efficiently removing even the shortest hairs from its roots. After that, you emerge from the salon smooth, exfoliated, moisturized, and hair-free.

The experience is a stark difference from DIY creams and at-home waxing kits—which are not only messy, but are as painful as you probably imagine waxing to be.

Since it’s National Hair Free Day tomorrow, Hey Sugar will also be offering an incredible pampering treat. Visit your nearest Hey Sugar branch tomorrow, on November 27, from 11AM to 3PM; and you can indulge in their free eyebrow threading and underarm waxing services.

With that said, do you really have to wonder if you should #SwitchtoHeySugar?

Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

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