FREE Surfing Lessons in Baler at the Stoked inc Philippine Wahine Classic

FREE Surfing Lessons in Baler at the Stoked inc Philippine Wahine Classic


On the weekend of Oct 5-6, The Surf Institute presents The 1st STOKEDinc Philippine Wahine Classic at Aliya Surf Resort, Baler.

In simple math, this translates to:

1 Girls Surf Comp. 

100 FREE Surf Lessons. 

2 Days. 

200 Surfer Girls in the Water! 

That’s what the all-girls surf competition at the legendary Aliya Surf Resort in Baler is all about! 

A brainchild of Southern California-based professional surf coach Carla Rowland, founder of The Surf Institute (a prestigious surf school in Southern California) The 1st STOKEDinc Philippine Wahine Competition celebrates the flourishing surfergirl lifestyle in the Philippines. 

“One of my bucket list items has always been to put on my own surf competition,” says Carla Rowland. “After spending some time in the Philippines and witnessing the incredible influx of new surfers, I thought it the perfect opportunity to check that item off my list. Having spent many years competing, as well as many years teaching and coaching others on surfing, I am really excited to put on an event that will encourage and empower Filipina sliders.”

 It’s no surprise then that STOKEDinc, the Philippines’ pioneer action sports company, has gone all-out in supporting Rowland’s groundbreaking event. 

“This trailblazing Philippine Wahine Classic surf comp, spearheaded by Carla Rowland,  is completely aligned with our ideal  for the Stoked Girls brand,” says STOKEDinc Managing Director JV Borromeo. “Our Stoked Girls embrace life with a positive attitude, seek adventure confidently, and radiate youthful energy. Theycelebrate love of the water, from rivers and lakes to seas and oceans. With the Philippine Wahine Classic, we hope to highlight the Filipina Surfer and inspire many.”

 In addition to the all-girls surf competition, Surfing Philippines, the country’s go-to website for surfing, together with its GoSurPH Campaign have hopped onboard to give another round of free surf lessons, this time in Baler and exclusively for the ladies.

Surfing Philippines’ young founder Gerard Sison explains, “We wanted an easy-to-execute hassle-free way to get Filipinos to experience the surf lifestyle in a fun, friendly, unintimidating environment. And that’s how our GoSurPH Campaign was born.”

“The GoSurPH Campaign is simple,” says GoSurPH Campaign Director Joncy Sumulong. “We want to get Filipinos to try surfing even just once in their lives. So during any GoSurPH Weekend, we provide surf lessons with a qualified surf instructor for free. All you have to do is show up.”

For the GoSurPH Campaign during the Philippine Wahine Classic, longtime surfer Roy Angara, fondly called The Fresh Prince of Baler, and his exceptional Aliya Surf School (A STOKEDinc Surf School partner) will be providing free surf lessons to all the girls.

So it’s all systems go for an epic weekend in celebration of the Filipina Surfer in Baler. Solar Sports will be covering this first ever Philippine Wahine Classic, so the rest of the country will get to see truly Stoked Girls in action. And on top of all that, the champions will take home stylish top-of-the-line bespoke surfboards from Zamora Surf, personally handcrafted by Ian Zamora.

The First STOKEDinc Philippine Wahine Classic. 200 Surfer Girls in the Water. See you all there!

The 1st STOKEDinc Philippine Wahine Classic is supported by:

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UPDATE: We’re giving out FIVE – P1,000.00 GCs to Stoked Inc stores! Just retweet the following and tag your friends and use the rafflecopter widget below.  

Two out of five winners will come from the pool of contributors. 


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Will will select winners by Oct 4, 2013. All winners must pick up GCs at a Stoked store in Manila at the end of this contest. 


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FREE Surfing Lessons in Baler at the Stoked inc Philippine Wahine Classic

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