Fostering Better Compliance In Workplace: Tricks & Tips

It’s quite obvious that a happy and satisfied employee will put in their best efforts at work, which directly enhances business productivity. What’s not very obvious is the connection it has with compliance in the workplace. A strong culture of compliance in the workplace makes employees feel safe and increases their satisfaction.

But what is the meaning of compliance in a workplace? It refers to the process of following the relevant rules, regulations, policies, laws and all the ethical practices that are standard for your industry. When an employee or the company breaks any law or doesn’t follow set rules & regulations, it is called a compliance failure.

Keeping your company and employees compliant is vital to create a healthy workplace environment. These compliance rules are generally related to (but not limited to) privacy of data, corruption, workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and code of conduct. To help you out, we have listed below some tricks & tips to foster better compliance in workplace:

  • Provide compliance training:

A great way to foster compliance in the workplace and tackle compliance related issues is to provide employees with compulsory compliance training. This allows employees to know their boundaries and prevents any compliance issue from arising as they are well aware of the compliance policies. 

In fact, with the help of compliance training software like HSI you can deliver this training to employees even if they are scattered across the globe. If you check the HSI reviews it is clear that it’s an industry-leading provider of compliance-related solutions. 

  • Provide easy access to compliance rules: 

A proven way to ensure compliance in the workplace is to document every detail of compliance policy and make it easily accessible to employees. This makes it convenient for employees to go through the rules and feel responsible for their behaviour rather than being ignorant.

Make sure these compliance topics are available in multiple languages so that a diverse group of employees can understand it. Moreover, it is important to keep updating these policies in light of the changes in laws and industry best practices. 

  • Reward ethical behaviour:

Employees are often rewarded for their work achievements which motivates them to keep performing better. Same trick can be applied to compliance to ensure they keep following all necessary procedures.

Start by clearly communicating company policies and procedures and when an employee adheres to them, publicly appreciate their ethical behaviour and reward them for it. This will encourage others too to follow suit and help in building a culture of compliance in the workplace.

  • Use positive reinforcements:

Rather than constantly telling employees what they must not do, try showing them the right way. Give them a picture of what the ideal behaviour is to help them understand what behaviour they need to model in the workplace. 

Make sure the managers too are modeling the right behaviour and complying with the standards set by the company. Additionally, use positive reinforcements to help employees remember what they need to do. It helps in establishing a pattern of compliance and creates a better work environment.

  • Do not ignore the difficult topics:

A lot of topics like sexual harassment have certain stigma attached to them, making it uncomfortable for superiors to discuss about them. But it is important to set the tone about such crucial topics to ensure compliance from the very beginning.

By having such conversations openly, you can remove the stigma associated with them and make employees feel safer in the workplace. It also creates a strong company reputation and reduces compliance failures in the workplace.


Creating a harassment-free culture is essential to ensure your employees feel safe and respected in the workplace. This allows you to create a positive work environment which enhances employee happiness. And a happy employee is an asset for the company.

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