Foster the People in Manila: Of Catchy Beats and Pumped Up Kicks

Some people may only see Foster the People as “that indie band who sang Pumped Up Kicks”, but honestly, the band has more to offer than their hit single.

They proved to be a powerhouse, showing their great repertoire and showcasing their abilities to deliver an amazing live performance during their recently concluded concert in Kia Theater. Almost six years since their first concert in Manila, fans are more than eager to see them live, definitely not missing Mark Foster’s signature falsetto and the band’s catchy bops.

Foster the People 11

Since the release of their first album, the band’s music has transformed, defining a unique and distinct sound that’s very Foster the People–a combination of genius percussion and synth arrangement, paired with Mark Foster’s vocals, and influenced by genres from different eras and backgrounds. From Torches’ nostalgic tracks to the rock-inspired songs from Supermodel, combined with their newest songs from Sacred Hearts Club, Foster the People kept their fans on their feet, making them dance and sway to crowd favorites and their newest tunes.

Foster the People 9

During one of the song breaks, Mark told some stories of his memories about the Philippines. He mentioned that his grandfather lived in the country during the 1940s, while his dad, a peace corps officer, stayed here for a couple of years during an assignment.

He also shared the story of two of his tattoos dedicated to his grandpa–one of which was made during his first concert in Manila, while the other was done a few days before he hit the stage of Kia Theater. “The Philippines has a special place in my heart,” he says.

Foster the People 1

The concert concluded with an amazing performance of the band’s hit single (and undeniably one of the crowd’s favorite), Pumped Up Kicks. After the lights went out, Mark Foster and the band stayed out to sign a few autographs and shake the hands of their beloved fans.

Foster the People 2

Needless to say, it’s not only Mark who has fond memories of the country–his fans also has fond memories of his humility and kindness.

He said that the band would love to go back to Manila and perform again. I bet it’s not only us who’d say that we want them back, too. Definitely, their performance is something to remember, and something that we would love to see again next time.

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