Foreigners Do Their Share to Help Clean Up Boracay for Future Generations

When in the Philippines, we have hundreds of beaches to enjoy! While we still have a few “virgin” islands, many of our beaches have already turned into tourist destinations. Though being a tourist attraction is basically good, it also means more people have to responsible to ensure our beaches stay as beautiful as they were. Unfortunately, Boracay, one of our favorite beaches is becoming highly endangered due to the high amounts of wastes and pollution caused by people.

Grayson Y. recently posted this photo on Facebook that shows foreigners on the white sands of our beautiful Boracay:


“Was walking along the beach today when I noticed these two foreigners picking up trash and a local guy helping and taking photos of them. I went up to them and asked if it was a project of some sort. They said, “no, just really something personal. We just want to keep the beach clean.” What wonderful souls! ‪#‎LoveTheBeach‬ ‪#‎SaveTheOceans‬ ‪#‎Boracay

Grayson also tells us that since he is pursuing marine conservation work, this sighte really caught his attention. He is currently working with Save Philippine Seas organization and the US embassy manila for a trash bin projects in Boracay.  Grayson also approached the foreigners to know a little bit more about them and shares this follow up post:


“What a wonderful day it was! Meet Kerry and Bryan, the South African couple who spent their afternoon (and yesterday too!) cleaning up the white beach, and Gil Van, a professional photographer who also helped and who pledged support for my project here in Boracay and offered to be the documentation guy! Lord thank you for sending down some angels! “

In a conversation Grayson  had with, he tells us, “I think the greatest takeaway message here is really to have that desire and initiative to save our beaches and oceans. It is our lifeline after all. So just a friendly reminder: every beach day is a clean-up day. Every swim is a clean-up swim. Every dive is a clean-up dive. One piece of trash away from the beach and waters will go a long way”

he also quoted Bryan on why he was cleaning up the beach. Bryan says, “I want my kids to be able to visit this beautiful beach years from now. They can’t if we won’t protect it now.” Wow, what a beautiful thought to have. If more people thought more about the future and starting becoming more responsible, then there may be some hope left for our grandchildren. 

How does this make you guys feel? What have you done to help save our environment?

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