Forbes Travel Guide Calls Manila as “The Next Luxury Hot Spot”

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Forbes Travel Guide has called Manila as “The Next Luxury Hot Spot.”

According to their post, due to Manila’s growing offering of high-end hotels, casinos, restaurants, and bars, the city is proving itself to be the next luxury destination.

Among the hotels, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila and Solaire Resort and Casino were awarded five stars in Forbes Travel Guide’s 2017 Star Awards List. Moreover, the Entertainment City, a Las Vegas-like gaming complex along Manila Bay, also received the same distinction.

“Manila is one of the fastest-growing cities with a lot of economic activities, and due to this, there is an increase in the number of high-end brands coming to the Philippines, be it retail, experiential travel, beach destinations, diving, etcetera,” says Rajesh Jhingon, senior vice president of resort operations at Five-Star Solaire Resort & Casino.

Hospitality is also a key factor for this recognition. The article read:

Filipinos have a well-earned reputation as warm and hospitable people. In fact, acerbic host Anthony Bourdain filmed a 2016 episode of his TV show Parts Unknown to find out “why so many Filipinos are so damn caring.”

Meanwhile, the article also tackled issues on safety especially as “the country remains plagued by headlines of crime from the president’s anti-drug campaign.”

“Every city has a few places that you want to avoid, but overall Manila is extremely safe. There are thousands of expats that work and live with their families and travel throughout the country, visiting its various islands, beaches and holiday spots. Some of the biggest musical concerts and conventions take place on a regular basis here.”

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