Foodgasm Food Tasting Event and Competition at Mercato Centrale





Last night, your team attended the Foodgasm Food Tasting Event and Competition held at Mercato Centrale, BGC. It showcased up and coming food businesses with their scrumptious creations and the attendees served as judges during the event in choosing the best! It was also attended by chefs as well as the country’s top food bloggers and foodies!



Allow us to share more photos during the event!



for 220php, you get to participate in the food tasting and be one of the judges for the event.

And because was one of the official media partners in the Foodgasm event, we received media passes as well! 




upon registration, we were given these judging forms. All we had to do was visit each stall, had these forms be signed by the person in-charge then get free samples of their products then rate them according to level of yumminess!



Let us now show you  some samples of the scrumptious entries during the Foodgasm event last night!



Honestly, we had a hard time taking photos due to lack of light. Though I did my best, I’m not very satisfied with my food shots here. We think  the venue was also too small to accommodate all the foodies.   It was very hot inside as well, so it was quite uncomfortable.  



Let’s show you the desserts first…..



Panicillios by Kiera’s Goodies 

A dessert filled with Pili nuts and cheese that came in just the right sweetness! One of the few desserts which we really liked during the event!




The “Ultimate” special by Blue Toque

No doubt the BEST dessert that occasion! 




 Butterscotch goodies by Sweet Home Bakeshop




Cupcakes by Pastry Princess 

I would have to say that these visually stunning cupcakes were way toooooo sweet! I was quite alarmed in seeing people munching onto these overly sweet treats. I hope they can change the recipe a bit… seriously! We don’t want more people to suffer from diabetes in the future!




 Risotto Balls by Bistrology




 Fried Chicken by Kyma’s

 It tasted quite nice but I believe it would have been better if it were served warm especially if you got the best chefs and pickiest foodies judging your food.




Panzarotti  by Mama Lou’s Kitchen

These were quite tasty but very “bitin”  

Hardly tasted all the dips =(




 Sinantol by Mila C’s

More like ginataang finely minced santol. I missed eating this a lot! I used to have it as “ulam”

Great as appetizer and also goes well with rice! Super healthy! I want more!




Crunchy Belly by Carlo’s Kitchen

OMG! OMG! OMG! Highly addicting! Loved munching these crunchy delights! No limit to how many you can devour unlike with the other stalls who were very strict! You may buy them at 120/order at Mercato




 waaaaaahhhhh!!! sinful! wicked!!! 




 After tasting the entries… it was time for us to give our ratings!




 and as for the big winner, the night’s crowd favorite was Blue Toque’s “The ULTIMATE!”





On a personal note…

We believe that the event was quite successful considering it was organized by a student organization however, there are still a lot to improve on next time. For example. I would suggest to hold a foodie event outdoors during the afternoon to make the food more picture friendly. It was way difficult to take photos due to the lack of light and lights system of the event came in various colors which affected the food photos a lot! Lack of light is a photographer’s nightmare! Others used their built-in flashes but those just really destroy the shots due to the hard light which it creates. The venue was also too enclosed and too small for the event so people felt really hot making it not conducive for pleasurable eating. Also, the stalls weren’t arranged well so people were just roaming around in a disorderly manner. Lastly, the food samples were soooo “bitin.” I think it shouldn’t be limited to only 1 tiny bite-sized  sample. 



Anyway, I’m sure that the wonderful people behind the  U.P. Economics Society will make more improvements in their next foodie events!  Congratulations to Jess, Anna and to all the people behind the success of this event! In behalf of the whole family, we would like to extend our deepest thanks for having us on-board!




Special thanks to our foodie friends! 







by the U.P. Economics Society

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Foodgasm Food Tasting Event and Competition at Mercato Centrale

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