Fontana Aurelia Spa: The Peacock Garden’s World-Class Spa


Fontana Aurelia Spa: The Peacock Garden’s World-Class Spa


The Peacock Garden Boutique Hotel and Spa is the only one in the Philippines that has been included in the prestigious Condé Nast Johansens Recommended Luxury Spas 2012, which features an exclusive collection of luxury, boutique hotels, inns and resorts around the world. Each property is carefully selected by a mystery inspector for its dedication to the highest standards of comfort, unique personality, warmth and service, impressive facilities and surroundings.


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 Fontana Aurelia Spa: The Peacock Garden’s World-Class Spa

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How was it? We’ve tried it and I must say, among all the spas I’ve ever tried, including some of the most expensive ones in the city, my experience in Fontana Aurelia Spa is the BEST I’ve ever had. 


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Fontana Aurelia Spa: Roman bath fit for a royalty


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Fontana Aurelia Spa: entrance to the spa’s couple’s room

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This photo doesn’t do justice. The room was huge, with a high ceiling and a European flare


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Fontana Aurelia Spa: Bathtub with a view


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I just want to note that The Peacock Garden has carefully put their thoughts on the things that they use to make the spa experience memorable. I was surprised and loved how soft the spa bed’s cover was when I extended my arms. It was a pleasant surprise because I was not expecting that – soft and fluffy. Also, they use memory foam for a more comfortable experience. It was so comfortable that we all fell asleep (my friends, my husband and I).