FlowerMore: The First and Only Online Flower SUBSCRIPTION Service in the Philippines

When my fiance and I first started dating, he asked me if I liked flowers. To friends who know me, they know that I actually dislike them, however, I don’t mind receiving them. On our first year anniversary, he surprised me with a bouquet of flowers which I happily accepted with a smile from ear to ear. For some reason, I was just really…. ‘kilig’ and happy.

Today, girls try to be more practical. We would often ask for food  or other gifts in lieu of flowers. It makes complete sense, however, the feeling of receiving a beautifully arranged bouquet or vase of flowers is just incomparable. There’s this feeling of ‘kilig’ or butterflies in your tummy, and somehow the beauty of those flowers radiates and reflects on you – ensuring a great day ahead.

Love is about consistency, a constant flow of warmth and affection. FlowerMore makes things easier for you.


How FlowerMore Began:

When Dr. Didoy Lubaton married his lovely wife Mayi last July 18, 2014, he made a commitment to love her till death do them part. But more than this, he promised to make her happy, and one way he achieved this was by giving her flowers every week. Soon, he realized he wanted to spread this joy with others, and hence the beginning of the first FLOWER SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE in the Philipines – FLOWERMORE.

“it’s more than just a gift, it’s US getting closer together….

it’s more of giving her a consistent reminder that she is loved, that I support her, that she is beautiful and she’s still my crush.”

On the other hand, his wife Mayi was also more than pleased to be receiving these flowers weekly. If I were in Mayi’s shoes, I would to! It’s a weekly surprise and as Didoy said earlier…. a consistent reminder.
“for me it’s more than the fresh flowers, it’s him showing me his consistency, his commitment to love me, his loyalty, and for me it’s very… wow. It’s something I’ve been cherishing for almost a year as a married person.”

How FlowerMore works:

Didoy gave his wife flowers every week and thought, “hey, why don’t we help other couples do the same?” and that’s exactly what FlowerMore does. Instead of ordering every now and then, they offer a subscription service that allows you to subscribe to the number of times you want fresh flowers delivered to your loved one.
  1. Sign Up – It only takes a minute to fill out our order form. We deliver flowers daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.
  2. Choose a Subscription – Set a budget for your deliveries. Our subscription starts at P1,495 a week. Shipping is free.
  3.  Check out – Check out your subscription and that’s it. Sit back as we hand deliver these flowers to your doorstep. Enjoy!
But wait, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of effort? Well, not really. The goal is to make your loved one feel special, and this definitely gets that done. Moreover, the company makes sure to ASK the sender every time before they sent out the flowers. The sender can also choose to make it more personal by adding a special message. If he/she wishes to write it himself, this can also be arranged.
So what are you waiting for? Go subscribe now and make your loved ones feel how special they really are.
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