Flood Safety Tips and Flooding Emergency Numbers


When In Manila and it’s raining cats and dogs, you want to make sure you prepare yourself from potential floods and dangers. Here are a few emergency tips that might keep you safe in case of flooding.




 La Mesa Dam overflowing 



Flood Safety Tips:


1. Ensure someone always knows where you are. Text your parents, your loved ones or friends who are in a different area than yours, to let them know where you are and who you are with. Update each other consistently. 


2. Keep up with the news. Tune in to the news on TV, radio or online. Twitter is one of the best ways to get up to date and instant info. Stay informed.


3. Contact your neighbors. If you don’t know them, now is a good time to introduce yourself and exchange numbers. Say that you will inform them if you hear anything about warnings or dangers and ask that they do the same.


4. Unplug all unnecessary electrical outlets and appliances. If you don’t need it, take it off! In case your house floods, you want as little damage as possible to your electronics and of course for your safety. Start putting electronics on higher grounds to possibly save them. Of course, safety for yourself and others is of most importance.


5. Know how to shut down your electricity. Familiarize yourself with your circuit breaker so you can shut it down immediately if the water starts to enter your home.


6. Pack a backpack. Get all your emergency items like your ID, Passport, money, phone, water and other small necessary items. Be ready to evacuate or leave in a worst case scenario.


7. Prepare some floating devices. This of course is only for absolutely extreme cases, but as we’ve seen before, it happens. Find a surfboard, life savers or anything that will float… just in case. Better safe than sorry.


8. Avoid running water and any flood water if you have to walk out of your home. Running water as low as 6 inches have been known to sweep people off their feet. Running water is very powerful and often underestimated. Avoid at all costs. For standing water, try to do so only while wearing boots high enough to protect you from the water.


9. Keep calm.


10. Know the emergency numbers to call. Save these numbers below.



Flood Safety Tips and Flooding Emergency Numbers



Of course, with all this, information seems to be the key aspect. Know what’s going on in your area so that you can properly prepare. Know if the government has issued warnings or evacuation notices. It is also good to stay in touch with neighbors and update each other with the current situation in your area.


As always, When In Manila, safety is of utmost importance. Stay safe friends!


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Flood Safety Tips and Flooding Emergency Numbers