Flavors of Life: Sweet Memories, Bitter Ends, Sour Notes and Salted Eggs

My journey as a foodie started in 2001, when I met a man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. We shared countless food trips, merienda breaks, midnight snacks and amazing breakfasts. I realized that these moments were more than just simple meals, but priceless memories of the different flavors of life.


I started documenting my food adventures (and misadventures) in 2008 (visit EATS A DATE) with my new baby… my very first digital camera! From then on, each experience seemed to become more special as I sat and took in every detail from every aroma, crumb, bite and mmmmm. My writings, my experiences and my blog, slowly gained more purpose…  I knew I was on the right track!






My love and appreciation for Pinoy cuisine grew deeper until it became my ultimate goal to make Pinoys gain pride in our everyday dishes. I made a Youtube channel  to show how proud I was in the dishes we may take for granted, such as the Sardinas, Ampalaya with Egg and even the often underestimated Silogs. I wanted to take the simplest Pinoy dishes and present them on a whole new level!  














When the-man-I thought-I-would-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with and I parted ways in 2009, I was heart broken! I couldn’t even bare look at my old food journals because of all the memories they held within their bites. It came to a point where I almost deleted all of these memories, just to help myself move forward!


Thankfully, I didn’t.


Deep down inside, I felt that I had to continue blogging on, because somewhere, somehow, I was affecting someone in a positive way. No matter  how small my influence might have been with my lil’ ol’ blog, I decided that it was something that made me smile, and something that might bring a smile to others. If there were people out there who enjoyed discovering new flavors, trying new gastronomic adventures and always saving that little bit of space for dessert, then it was my duty to share my discoveries with them! It was at this point that I had my second baby…. my second, but first ever, Nikon SLR camera. 










I’m not your typical food writer.  My articles aim to bring togetherness though sharing. I’m a foodie who gives my readers the chance to experience my blessings. I always try to take the best food photos possible, to make readers drool for a chance to experience them as well!  I’m also a foodie to who supports young  Filipino entrepreneurs to help them achieve their vision in providing world class Pinoy cuisine.






From love, to passion and now devotion.   


An inspirational writer, artistic food photographer and 101% proud Pinoy on a mission…this is who I am. 


When In Manila, if I’d be given the chance to blog for the Philippines, I would not only write heartfelt articles about this once in a lifetime journey, but I’ also be sure to show the whole world that being Sooo Pinoy is something sooo amazing!   

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