Filipino Passenger Gets Stopped at Australia Airport for Carrying Balut

Last July 25, the Australian Biosecurity Facebook shared a story about a Filipino passenger who arrived at Sydney Airport with “eggs-tremely risky luggage”.

The doggo on duty, Tyla, responded by sniffing out the luggage and, lo and behold, she found out the passenger was carrying unknown fruit, green mangoes, and fish stuffed with pork meat (a.k.a. rellenong bangus). Among the various food items the biosecurity dog sniffed out was our beloved balut! The Australian Biosecurity Facebook said it was hidden in a bag of peanuts.

The Facebook account claimed that eggs pose a risk because they might be carrying diseases such as avian influenza (such as bird flu).

However, netizens were quick to point out that eggs were already cooked and thus pose no harm to biosecurity. The Australian Biosecurity Facebook responded to a comment saying that, “Although correctly prepared boil eggs may not carry bacteria, we can’t ascertain what temperature these eggs were exposed to, making them a risk. Whole eggs also require an import permit.”

Anyway, the balut and other food probably didn’t make it past the airport but the netizens, including the Pinoys in the comments, were too busy praising Tyla for a job well done!

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