Filipino OFW Wins Big in Lottery, Accused of Stealing Ticket

OFW Wins Lottery(Photo from Strait Times)

In the past, we told a story of a tricycle driver who was left by his wife but then goes to win PhP 59 million in the lottery.

Another Pinoy wins it big in the lottery.

A Pinoy house help based in Singapore won roughly PhP 75.5 million from the Singapore Sweep Lottery.

However, one person reported to the police that the winning ticket was stolen.

The Filipino OFW detailed that it was her own ticket, which she purchased from the Tampines Singapore Pools outlet in June, while on her way to help a friend remit some money to the Philippines. That same night when she bought her ticket, she was on for the surprise of her life when her winning ticket made an instant multi-millionaire.

After claiming her prize, she deposited the money in her bank account and transferred some of it to her 22-year-old daughter and 23-year-old son in the Philippines.

However, in July, police officers came to the house where she works after they received a report that the winning ticket was stolen.

Upset, she still followed orders of giving details of her bank account. She also took the officers to the outlet where she bought the ticket. However, the security camera video of her buying the ticket was said to be erased.

Although she still keeps her winnings, reports say that an there is an ongoing investigation for it.

The OFW’s employer, a 62-year-old customer service officer, does not believe she did anything wrong.

According to him, “She has been honest with us and she’s a very nice person.”

For now, she plans to continue working as an OFW while planning to buy a plot of land for her family in the Philippines and save some of the money for the future.

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