Filipino Artist Ken Hensly Creates Stunning Artwork for ‘The Old Guard’

The high-octane action film ‘The Old Guard’ starring Charlize Theron recently launched on Netflix, and 15 talented artists from around the world were tapped to interpret the movie and its characters in their own unique artistic style. All 15 artworks were shared by @oldguardmovie on Instagram.

For the Philippines, Netflix worked with Cebu-based graphic illustrator Ken Hensly, who captured the movie’s action and excitement in his surrealistic signature style.

With a keen eye for detail, Ken takes inspiration from old comics, cartoons, animation, and street design. He also has his own streetwear company called Kensuke Creations, and designs merchandise and artwork for other international brands. Check out his take here:

Check out the work of some of the other artists, as well:

Leandro Fernandez from Argentina (who co-created the graphic novels of ‘The Old Guard’)

Tula Lotay from the U.K.

Jen Bartel from the U.S.

Rafael Albuquerque from Brazil

Kristal Melson from Singapore

All photos courtesy of Netflix.

Check out all of the amazing ‘The Old Guard’-inspired artwork at @oldguardmovie on Instagram. Which one is your favorite?

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