What If Filipino Actors Were Cast as Marvel Superheroes?

GPao Villeza is a superhero fan (and a marketing officer by day) who creates art as a hobby. Since he was a really young kid, he and his cousins always had the knack for fancasting international shows, movies, anime and the like with local Filipino celebrities. As such, it really isn’t a surprise why he decided to create art of Marvel superheroes… but with Filipino actors in the stead of the actual actors.

“I guess it’s because I’ve always been taken with pop culture,” he shares of his art. “I always thought that marrying my love for it and my belief in homegrown talents is an idea that is a no-brainer.”

When asked on how he chose which actors to portray whom, he says he started with the essence of the character, so to speak. He explains, “This means their entire personality, how they come off, and what vibe they give off.” After that, he looked for the celeb with the closest match of that image. Having a physical resemblance is just a cherry on top. Do you agree with his choices of actors for each superhero? Sound off below!

To see more of Gpao’s art, you may follow his social media accounts below:

Gpao Villeza

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GpaoVilleza

Instagram: @gpaovilleza

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