Filipina model is shamed for wearing a “skimpy outfit” in public

A number of photos of a freelance Filipina model recently went viral in Singapore. She was pictured wearing a singlet (an oversized tank top usually worn to sleep) while lining up to use an ATM machine in a metro station. Several social media users and local media publications were quick to criticize her and call her out for “indecent exposure”.

Shaming Model


Stomp, a Singaporean media outlet, reports that the woman was also drawing disapproving stares and whispers in the metro.¬†Based on online comments, the¬†woman was shamed for wearing something so “obscene” in public, and it was implied that she should have dressed more modestly. People also took the chance to call her names like “slut” and “rate” her appearance.

Below are the photos which she was criticized for:

Shaming Model 1 1


Although there were also a lot of people who came to her defense online. They say that it is her right to dress how she likes as long as none of the “vital” parts explicitly exposed. Some also bring up the fact that the weather in Singapore is so hot that they can’t expect anyone to cover up so much.

The woman, Ashley Garcia, has since responded to the issue. She writes on a Facebook post:

Yes, this was me waiting in the ATM queue. I was not aware that somebody took a photo of me (I don’t personally know his purpose). I apologize if I offended any culture on this outfit, but, please understand that I do not have any obscene or malicious intention by wearing it. I am sorry if you think that this was an “indecent exposure” but, it was not my intention. To those people who are already hitting me below the belt and criticizing me of something, I respect you. You are already telling things which are too personal that is already outside of what you see in the picture. I was already cyber shamed, bullied and threatened by several people because of this.

PS. I was wearing shorts and nipple tapes during that time. Peace, mwah!

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Are people just overreacting to her outfit?