FILED’s 2020 Planners Are a Must-Have For Millennial Yuppies

As a working millennial, it’s difficult to function without having a physical planner with me. It’s where I take note of things I need to work on and how I manage my weekly schedule. Often, my planner is also my source of work-related anxiety knowing that having too much written on it means I’m up for a very busy day and, at the same time, having too little means I’m not productive enough.

And perhaps it’s one of the reasons why I fell in love so quickly with FILED’s 2020 planners.

FILED’s Scribble and Doodle Planners were made specifically with the Filipino working millennial in mind. Though each planner caters to different needs, they both provide an outlet for us to unwind amid our busy workdays.

The Doodle Planner


The Doodle Planner aims to get your creative juices flowing with plenty of space to unleash your inner artist. Its artworks, drawn by Henrick Dulin, are heavily inspired by local culture and are relatable to the young generation. I mean, whose office desk doesn’t look like this?


The Doodle Planner also features activity pages you can doodle on during quick work breaks or while waiting for a meeting to start.



It’s also an undated planner which is perfect for those who want the flexibility to plan based on their own schedules.



The planner comes in two colors—black and white—although the black color, as well as a choice to customize it with your name, is exclusive only to pre-orders. The planner also comes with its own plastic cover to protect it from getting dirty!

The Scribble Planner


If the Doodle Planner will push you to get artsy, the Scribble Planner will inspire you to write. With self-care as its main theme, the Scribble Planner provides a number of pages where you can reflect and keep track of your mental health.




Each month features special handwritten notes made by the FILED team and questions for self-reflection that will help you start each month feeling refreshed and motivated.



The Scribble Planner is dated and has a daily layout, giving you all the space you need per day to plan, write, draw, or journal on! I particularly love that it’s lightweight even though it may seem bulky. I could pop this in my everyday bag and will hardly notice the difference.



The planner comes in two colors—turquoise and terracotta—with the turquoise color, as well as a choice to customize it with your name, exclusive only to pre-orders. Just like the Doodle Planner, this will also have its own plastic cover.

Pre-Order Exclusives

Pre-ordering your FILED 2020 Planner gives you access to a number of exclusive perks:

  1. You get to own a Black Doodle Planner or a Turquoise Scribble Planner—colors that you won’t be able to purchase after the pre-order period.
  2. You have the option to customize your planners with your name (up to six characters).
  3. You can avail of special bundles! The Doodle Bundle comes with FILED’s NeoSketch Markers, while the Scribble Bundle comes with FILED’s NeoFine Fineliner pens.



Are you convinced that this is exactly the planner you need for next year? Well, you better hurry and make up your mind fast because pre-orders open this FRIDAY, October 11 and will last until October 25. Just go to the Bonifacio High Street branch of Fullybooked or check FILED’s official website to place your orders.

Both planners will be available online and in stores nationwide starting November 11.

The Doodle Planner will retail for PHP 595 while the Scribble Planner will retail for PHP 695. Special Pre-Order Bundles will be priced at PHP 995 each.




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