Filed 2012 Doodle-themed Planner


When in Manila, learn to be organized despite your hectic schedule and busy environment by using a planner. For the youth, a planner’s more than just a planner; it’s something personal where you can put your thoughts and what-nots. Personally the more I get to express myself with my planner, the better I think the planner is. With these standards in mind, I found the best choice for the coming year– the Filed 2012 planner.


7 in x 5 in x 0.75 in; matte finish cover




For students like me, it’s not easy to keep up with our plans because requirements keep popping up out of nowhere and a lot of things come unexpected. Our tendency is to forget things because everything’s jumbled up. Our professors of course don’t accept those excuses so it’s better for us to take down notes as constant reminders.






The people behind Filed, a group of business majors, make us see through their planner that they themselves are aware of the common problem among the youth — disorganization. I’m guilty and I really thank them for coming up with this!



Features I love:

– Pages for my doodles!



– Expense tracker (This will be really helpful!)



– Extra paaages





– The graphics of course! The graphics give Filed a character that is sure to attract the youth and even the youth at heart!




– The pen holder (Perfect for the markers I’ll buy to color the wonderful graphics!)



See how awesome Filed 2012 Planner is! I personally couldn’t wait to get my hands working! Doodles, doodles, doodles! So when in Manila, you should get your own Filed planner now! Cheers to a more organized new year!



Filed Planner 2012


Now available at Fully Booked and Powerbooks


Free shipping within Metro Manila at (Online orders from December 19-28, 2011 will be delivered by the week of January 16-20, 2012. Payment should be made on or before December 28, 2011 to guarantee reservation.)


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