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Figaro Coffee Company From Crop to Cup Tree Planting Activity



When In Manila and coffee is the best thing that soothes your mood whether to keep you awake or just to chill, allow me to let you in a secret about one of the best coffee companies in the country that is truly Filipino and how they help achieve sustainable coffee farming.




Figaro Coffee Company From Crop to Cup Tree Planting Participants

First off, I am not one of those people who run around like a machine with more than 5 cups of coffee a day but I do enjoy a cup or two to keep me going. Maybe 3 cups if say you offered me brewed, yes I am a brewed coffee drinker – don’t judge. But before all those latte or cappuccino supporters out there get going on why they prefer them, let us know first how Figaro Coffee Company supports the local farmers to ensure that we, all-kinds of coffee concoction lovers get the best cup through their 78 outlets.

From Crop to Cup Tree Planting Participants




Figaro Coffee Company Employees with my co-When In Manila contributor Mark

Figaro Coffee Company “buys Filipino coffee from communities and farmers nationwide at an average of 39 tons of coffee every year benefiting 57 farmers and their families yearly coming from Kalinga, Ifugao, Benguet, Batangas, Cavite, Negros, Davao, Sulu and Basilan.” Like all companies, Figaro Coffee Company takes to the heart their Corporate Social Responsibility through various activities to support sustainable farming. One of which is the “From Crop to Cup” program which includes Tree Planting activity in various sites like Cavite, Tagaytay and Batangas.








This year, Figaro Coffee Company took “From Crop to Cup” tree planting activity to Carmona Cavite. An estimated of 1000 seedlings were planted through the efforts of the volunteers coming from their store operations, office based employees, invited suppliers and bloggers. This is done by Figaro Coffee Company annually to give back to the farmers and support the Philippine government’s National Greening Program.



Trekking to the second jump off point



crossing the river is always a thrill




Mel Verano Figaro Coffee Company CEO



Mr. Mel Verano, Figaro Coffee Company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was present to give all volunteers a talk regarding the objectives of the program and how important it is to keep supporting the local farmers and taking care of Mother Nature. He himself trekked to the second jump off point considering his age which he was proud to discuss the secrets of his unwavering health during the talk.



about 1000 seedlings were planted during the activity



Figaro Coffee Company From Crop to Cup Tree Planting volunteer



The volunteers enjoyed the greenery during the 30 minute trek to the second jump off point and another set of 15-20 minute hike to the planting site. What made this trek and hike exciting was that less than a hundred people where there to fully enjoy what nature could give them. That includes the mud, the thrill of going up to the planting site raining (which I personally enjoyed to be honest) and the clean river that we had to cross. You do not get this in the metro in a snap.










So When In Manila and you happen to pass by a Figaro Coffee Company branch take a sip of their coffee because in your own little moment of coffee drinking pleasure, you have helped our local farmers continuously attain sustainable coffee farming.



For more details about Figaro Coffee Company Inc. and The Figaro Foundation please do check their website at:




Figaro Coffee Company’s From Crop to Cup


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