LOOK: Fans Aren’t Impressed With This New Wax Figure of Daenerys

Dublin Waxworks Museum was far too thrilled to announce a new addition to its collection of wax figures, Daenerys Targaryen, as a nod to popular series Game of Thrones. However, fans were not as impressed as they had hoped to be.

Daenerys Wax Figure

Source: Instagram.com/waxmuseumplus

The new wax figure, as fans have pointed out, looked nothing like Emilia Clarke, the actress who plays Daenerys. Some went as far as to say the figure more closely resembled Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

Meanwhile, others criticized the timing of the reveal and how Daenerys was chosen to be the wax figure sitting on the Iron Throne. According to one comment, “the show isn’t over yet, the last one who sits on the throne should be the one who’s waxed.”

Comments at Daenerys Wax Figure

The museum had been excited to unveil the wax figure which took them six months to create “using stills, 3-D imaging, and video footage to fashion the likeness.” In an interview with FM104, Laoise Keaveney of the National Wax Museum Plus said they wanted their first waxwork of the year to be a woman. “Game of Thrones obviously is huge in Ireland and it’s filmed in Ireland and we thought the best thing is to add a woman from Game of Thrones to the museum,” she said. “She stands in our grand hall of fame now.”

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