Extremely Rude Comment Made on a Post About Catcalling

A lot of netizens agreed with Maxine Mae Liwanag’s post on catcalling, which we posted about a few days ago, one of which was netizen Aubrey Mae Domasian who posted the following on her Facebook page:

Extremely Rude Comment Made on a Post About Catcalling


Men, if you ever witness someone else doing it (whether woman or man), please take the time to explain how this actually humiliates and degrades a person rather than “gives a compliment.” Maybe they’ll listen to you, because they sure as hell don’t listen to us. (When I say witness, I mean when you see it happen to someone else, not when you are with your partner as no one ever bothers to catcall us when they see we’re with someone else).

I’m not saying all men are catcallers just as how not all women are advocates of women’s rights. I’m saying when you see it being done towards any person of any gender, make a difference and at least explain. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between an honest compliment and a pervy one, the former invests in the person with a degree of friendship beforehand (or if it’s a stranger, some sort of small talk followed by your compliment) compared to the latter that just throws it their opinion towards the person with no regard for their feelings/reactions/thoughts (and sometimes, they aren’t even looking at the face, but at the breasts and ass!).

Seems straightforward and true enough, right?

Imagine her response when she saw this in response to it online:

Extremely Rude Comment Made on a Post About Catcalling

Ayaw mo ma cat call… eh ang arte arte mo.. wag na maarte pag may pumupuri sayo… cge next time re-rape-in nalang kita… ito masarap ipa-rape sa construction worker.. lahat ng butas papasukan sayo iha.. arte pa more.. habang umuungol ka!!!

[Rough translation: If you don’t want to be cat-called, then stop being so ‘bitchy’. Don’t complain if someone compliments you. Next T time, I’ll rape you instead. This is the kind of girl I would ask a construction worker to rape. They would enter every hole possible while you moan!!!]

Was this sexually charged insult really necessary? Audrey adds, “I know you shouldn’t feed the trolls, but does pity count? Pity because he doesn’t even have the balls to use a real account (created last 2014, full of fake friends) to call me out? So, why am I posting this? Women, people, don’t let insults, especially these lewd ones, stop you from rocking on! Reclaim your space, reclaim your bodies, reclaim your identities. If someone calls you a bitch for standing up against catcallers, take it as a compliment. It means my very words alone were enough to irritate this guy, to make him think of my statements, to make him read my ideas, and in doing so has indirectly supported every thing he’s trying to push back down. Why? Because the idea is in his head, one way or another. Borrowing from Stuart Hall, the dominant or the negotiated reading still means you’ve got a piece of the text you’ve read in your mind. And it also shows them that we won’t shut up for their convenience. Ladies and everyone, let’s keep at it. The more we do this, the more our message spreads out. Who knows, he (or whatever preferred gender pronoun) might encounter so many of our voices that he’ll actually listen someday. Or die of irritation.”

What are your thoughts on this?