It’s Official: ‘Extraction’ is Getting Another Movie

The movie ‘Extraction’ starring Chris Hemsworth became a huge hit when it was recently released on Netflix. As such, it really isn’t any wonder that a follow-up to the movie has officially been confirmed.

In fact, writer and co-producer Joe Russo has admitted that they have been talking about it for more than a month now. “Everyone was very happy with the movie and very excited about it. There was good energy going into the release. And certainly, the release cemented it,” he shares.

Chris Hemsworth Extraction

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction. Credit: Jasin Boland/NETFLIX

Joe also shares that Netflix was very happy and excited about the film, and that they knew it had potential for more. The positive feedback from the enthusiastic audience mimicked this, so know they will be looking into where this character could be going.

Apparently, we can also expect the sequel to be set somewhere outside of the US once again since that was very successful in the first movie. “I think what was compelling about our approach to this one is hopefully gaining a deeper understanding of international markets and telling stories that explore them in the films that are less ‘U.S.A.’ in the story,” Joe says. “I think that was very successful in this film and something that we would continue to do on a future movie in this franchise.”

It isn’t clear whether the next movie will be a prequel or a sequel, especially the way the movie ended, but we’re still incredibly excited either way. More awesome action sequences, please!

Watch what filming ‘Extraction’ in India was like here.

Would you rather see a prequel or a sequel of ‘Extraction’?

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