LOOK: Extraction 2 Billboard in EDSA Sparks Discussions Online

Right after Hollywood Royalty, Chris Hemsworth announced that he would be visiting the Philippines for the premiere of Netflix’s Extraction 2, an old billboard of Extraction turned heads on May 26th as it was mounted along EDSA.

Extraction 2 billboard

Photo: Gigil

Netizens took to Twitter and TikTok, sharing photos and videos of the old billboard, assuming a printing mishap by Netflix. Even big online personalities such as Chardie B on TikTok joined the discussion.

The billboard stayed up for days more, as the discussions online also didn’t die down. But in a week, it was revealed that it was all part of a plan.

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On June 4th, the Extraction 2 billboard tore through the old – complete with smoke, sparks, and burn marks – demonstrating without doubt that the sequel’s going to be even more explosive than the original.

As the film’s director, Sam Hargrave, says: Bigger, and bolder.

This reveal was then supplemented with a video posted on Netflix’s social media a helicopter had swooped in and hit the billboard with missiles to reveal the sequel’s explosive poster underneath.

Watch Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Extraction 2, now streaming only on Netflix.