Experts Say Being Too Pogi Could Be Bad For Your Career!

All this time, people have assumed that being good looking would take you to greater heights. Well, research suggests being too handsome can actually be detrimental to a man’s career.

Apparently, handsome men are likely to be seen as a threat by their male bosses. This could lead to the bosses giving their handsome employees fewer opportunities and thus less career growth.

This is based on research done by the London Business School and the University of Maryland. The universities ran four different office experiments in both the UK and the US.

Pogi Person Exhibit A: Noah Centineo | Photo from Noah’s Instagram (@ncentineo)

The experiment presented candidates to possible employers. The candidates have mostly identical qualifications. The only difference? They varied in “attractiveness”.

The research showed that men often reject handsome men for roles that require individual talent (thus a bigger chance to shine). On the other hand, they’re comfortable hiring the heartthrobs for roles that boost team performance (thus shining a light on the boss and not necessarily the team the handsome man is in).

Long story, short: if you didn’t get hired or if you missed out on a promotion, your pogi-ness probably intimidated your boss!

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Have you ever felt that you’ve been pogi-shamed? Share your stories with us!


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