Experiencing Eternal Summer at Aquaria Water Park

The drive to Calatagan is a long and winding one, but Aquaria Water Park has proven that every minute of it was worth the wait! From good food and amazing scenery to diverse sets of activities to choose from, the public area of what was once an exclusive community of posh dwellers is making waves as one of the up and coming beach spots worth visiting. The community is still there, but Fuego group now manages a part of the large property as a beach resort for day trips and the like.



The waterpark caters to the needs of people of all ages. They have a very cute swimming pool for kids, which is more spacious than the usual. Advanced swimmers and fun seekers by the pool can hang around the adult version of the pool.


The public pool area has a tremendous, 40-foot-high waterslide in the middle of the swimming pool area. You will land at a depth of 6 feet and go back to 5 feet once you reach the yellow marking floater.

https://www.wheninmanila.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-004-slide1.jpg Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-006-slide-full-view-front

Two people are required to ride the water slide to maintain the balance as you go round the spiral and make a huge splash to the pool.


The entrance to the beach, on the other hand, is just across the slide area:


And, at the right side of the entrance towards the beach, is the restaurant in case you go hungry.

https://www.wheninmanila.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-007-restaurant.jpg Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-008-acquaria-resto-glass

Each of us in the group visited Aquaria with a variety of interests. But none of us left the place unsatisfied.


For the person seeking a simple mini-retreat from the hustle and bustle of work, there’s this ultra-comfortable cabana by the beach where you can just inhale the fresh air. There’s also a full-body massage expert on call in case you need to complete your R&R experience. The bonus is that there is an electric outlet for charging your phones near the trees in case you need to make a quick call or post your Instagram-worthy pictures of Aquaria.


Fun and adventure seekers need not be disappointed as they also have jet skis, kayaks, catamaran boats, and other water activities. The jet ski will really take you on a long trip to nearby islands in the open sea.

Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-009-kayaks-safety Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-016-kayak-instructor Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-017-kayak-family

You can also choose to sunbathe by the side of the swimming pool outside of the slide area:


The beach area is spacious enough to host team building activities and even workshops. Things took an even more interesting turn for me when we had the privilege of learning the basics of brush calligraphy from Ms. Paola Jane Esteron of Zig Philippines.

Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-012-brush-calligraphy-lessons Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-013-brush-calligraphy Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-014-team-biyaya Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-011-brush-materials

After our first attempts on brush calligraphy ended, it was our turn to be the canvas as we got ourselves inked with henna tattoo.

Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-020-inked-floral-henna Eternal-Summer-Experience-Aquaria-021-henna-artist

We enjoyed all of these along with the good food during the day trip and it was capped off by a marvelous view of the sunset as seen from the beach, a portion of the West Philippine Sea just like in Club Punta Fuego.


The people at Aquaria Water Park are just as warm as the noonday sun. True to their tagline, Aquaria Water Park really is the place where it is always summer. Once you go there, you will really feel kissed by the sun inside and out.


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