Experience a Real Life RPG at ESGS 2019

Everyone loves RPGs for a simple reason: you get a reward for completing a quest and you feel good about your loot. We all wonder what it would be like if we could do fun quests in real life for some awesome loot. Well, you have the chance to do just that, thanks to RUMBLE ROYALE and Mobile Esports Arena!

If you’re going to the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit on October 25, 26, or 27; you can perform quests and get the chance to win epic prizes such as GrabPay credits, Razer Gold, the best Razer peripherals, and even more prizes that you’ll have to see for yourself at ESGS!

If you want to grab that fancy Razer headset for yourself, all you have to do is head over to the RUMBLE ROYALE X MESA booth at ESGS and sign up for the Real Life RPG. With most booths, you sign up and get a raffle entry; but not with this one. In this particular booth, you’ll be given a list of quests to complete during the event.

These quests can be anything that can be done in and around ESGS. Completing a quest will earn you a token that can be used to bid on the prizes later on in the day. The bid with the most tokens will get the prize in question. You can also get a bunch of other freebies when you complete quests.

The more quests you complete, the more tokens you have, and the more likely you are to have the highest bid. Simple, right? But won’t everyone have the same amount of tokens? Won’t there just be a maximum bid if everyone’s given the same quests? Here’s where it gets interesting: like most MMORPGs, there’s also a player vs player element for this game. You can bet one of your tokens in a PVP match against another player, and the winner will take the other’s token. But what do you play in this match?

A very simple game of rock-paper-scissors will win (or lose) you another token, so you don’t just have to do the quests, you have to battle other players as well to have the biggest bid for your most wanted prize. You can only battle each individual player once for one token, though, so no rematches if you lose.

Did we mention that a bunch of your favorite streamers and gaming personalities will be hanging out around the booth throughout each day? You can meet and greet Suzzysaur, Akosidogie, and so many more RUMBLE ROYALE talents just by coming over to the booth! Some of the quests are also tied to them, so don’t hesitate to come up and say hi.

You can even apply to become an online personality yourself through RUMBLE ROYALE’s LEVEL 99 Program. You can sign up at the ESGS booth or online at rumbleroyale.gg/careers.

Fun, rewarding quests? Check. Intense 1v1 PVP battles? Double check. Huge prizes for you gamers? Triple check. Experience your very own RPG in real life, only at the RUMBLE ROYALE X MESA booth at ESGS 2019!

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