Exes Ariana Grande and Big Sean Reunite After Four Years

Released late last year, Ariana Grande wrote about all of her ex boyfriends in a Burn Book similar to the one seen in ‘Mean Girls’ in her music video for ‘Thank U, Next’. For Big Sean’s page, she wrote, “Could still get it” along with “so cute, so sweet”. As such, it is understandable why so many people are in a frenzy after hearing that Ariana and Big Sean have reunited four years after their breakup.

big sean ariana grande

Ariana Grande was recently photographed sitting in the passenger’s seat with her dog with Big Sean driving the car. Apparently, Big Sean was picking Ariana up from a recording studio, where she had been working for a few hours.

There is no news as to why the two were together, but back in 2015, they had dated for almost nine months (allegedly due to conflicting touring schedules). Judging by what she wrote in the Burn Book, though, it wouldn’t be farfetched if they ended up dating again.