Everyday Mom: Where Sweet Desserts Are All Made Healthy and Naturally

WHEN IN MANILA, people are always on the hunt for sweet treats. But with the emergence of the health buffs and figure conscious peeps, people tend to scrimp on the best and the most heavenly course of a meal, the dessert.

Lucky for us, Everyday Mom, a pastry store that offers delicious but healthy pastries exists. With the use of unbleached flour, aluminum-free leaveners, healthy oil, and natural flavors, health buffs and dessert addicts alike will definitely fall in love with Everyday Mom.  

Here are some of my favorite picks from Everyday Mom!





(Php 400)





Everyday Mom’s best seller, their carrot cake, is purely amazing! I must admit at first glance I was intimidated by the amount of carrots inside the cake. But as soon as I sank my teeth into this luscious cake, all hesitancy vanished.





(Php 40)





Look! Everyday Mom’s Carrot Cake is even available in cupcake sizes. Perfect for gift-giving!



(Php 400)





I must say Everyday Mom’s Café Mocha cake is such a superstar. A super moist chocolate cake topped with an amazing almost ice cream like icing, I swear I can eat up this whole thing all by myself.





(Php 40)





Like the carrot cake, Everyday Mom’s Café Mocha is also available in cupcake sizes.





(Php 200)





Everyday Mom’s latest healthy but yummy offering, the Muscovado Banana Bread, is simply amazing! It’s not as sweet as compared to other banana breads but fret not as it is still bursting with banana goodness!





(Php 100)





Everyday Mom’s version of the classic Chocolate Crinkles are amazing! It’s a surprise that these goodies are actually butter free.

So if you’re in the mood to munch on some sweet treats but is conscious about their health, figure, etc., head on over to Everyday Mom where sweet desserts are all made healthy and naturally WHEN IN MANILA.

Everyday Mom


Scout Tuason corner Roces Avenue, Quezon City


Store Hours: 10am-9pm daily


Contact: 710.1254 or 0922.421.0466
















Everyday Mom: Where Sweet Desserts Are All Made Healthy and Naturally

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