Ethereal: Filipino Myths in Spatial Dimension, an Interior Design Exhibit

 Ethereal: Filipino Myths in Spatial Dimension, an Interior Design Exhibit1974551_10152036536812858_1909564056_n

This March 2014, delve into the hidden mysteries and wonders of the Philippine folklore through the Polytechnic University of the Philippines College of Architecture & Fine Arts BS Interior Design Graduating Class 2014’s Ethereal Interior Design Exhibit. Inspired by the mystical creatures of the Filipino culture, ranging from the Gods of the sky to the dwarves of the earth, 12 groups of students bring into play their creativity to breathe life into their ideas and transform it into 12 different residential spaces. This consequently aims to provide the culminating rendezvous for the Graduating Class having completed their 4-year curriculum in BS Interior Design, likewise, raise awareness and appreciation for Philippine folk literature.


Ethereal consists of the Areas:  the welcoming Aghoy Living Room,with texturized wood surfaces, white accents, and organic forms; the stylish Bakunawa Home Theater, with geometric-inspired design, moon-like overhead light, and comfortable seating; the godly Bathala Home Office, with classical furniture, reflective surfaces, and white wall panels; the relaxing Diwata Home Spa, with the revitalizing ambiance of colours, flattered by neutral hues, and overall nature-inspired decorations; the refreshing Goddesses Mayari, Hanan and Tala Breakfast Area, with the diverse setting of shapes and colors to symbolize the Sun, Moon and Stars; the secluded Malakas at Maganda Master’s Bedroom, rich with texture and colors so that the whole room is telling the story of the first two people on Earth;  the powerful Manaul Study Area, with walls inspired by a bird’s nest, wood vinyl finishes, and a perfectly placed winged chair; the playful Puting Duwende Kid’s Room, made to look like a wonderland, with a two-part playroom, and soft and lovely colors friendly to a child’s eyes; the brightly lit Santelmo Dining Room, full of circles and spheres, warm colors, along with a unique infinity mirror to represent a different dimension; the colourful Sarimanok Kitchen Area, with lots of space and storeroom, a wave-inspired ceiling, and eccentric choices of furniture; the oceanic Sirena Toilet and Bathroom, with smooth curved lines and texture, cool and natural colors, and enchanting underwater design; up to the dark Tikbalang Den area, with four interactional areas, functional horse-inspired niches, a tree accent piece with branches streaming along the ceiling—thus, this Exhibit promises an exciting and spectral experience for all the viewers.

In partnership with SM Fairview, theEthereal Interior Design Exhibit will be held at the Basement level, Annex 2 Bldg. of SM City Fairview, Quezon City starting March 22 and shall run until April 5, 2014.Don’t miss the mystical experience, and prepare to enter a different dimension—the world of Ethereal.

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Ethereal: Filipino Myths in Spatial Dimension, an Interior Design Exhibit

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