Escape Plan Manila: Escape Rooms that Even Kids Can Enjoy!

Written by Jesh Orquina / Photography by Adrian Christopher Cancio

Escape Plan Manila

It’s no surprise that escape rooms are all the rage these days. I mean, who doesn’t love a good mystery? At this point, every single group of friends has probably given escape rooms a shot at least once. Have you considered trying an escape room with your family, though?

Let’s face it: most escape rooms aren’t exactly kid-friendly. Some escape rooms feature scary characters while others require puzzles that may be too complicated for your younger siblings. Good thing we found these escape rooms that even your youngest family members can enjoy!

Escape Plan Manila wanted to create something that the whole family can enjoy, so they came up with these three rooms: The Fun House, The Force Strikes Back, and School of Wizardry.

The Fun House

Sneak peek of The Fun House escape room

The Fun House is a carnival-themed room and is the easiest one to escape from. For those who have never tried escape rooms before, Escape Plan Manila highly recommends trying out this room first.

The Force Strikes Back

Get ready to join The Force.

Up for something out of this world? The Force Strikes Back is the room for you. This room is perfect for the Star Wars fans out there as you will get the chance to get on a spacecraft and save the galaxy from evil villains!

School of Wizardry

Doesn’t this remind you of Hogwarts?

The most enchanting room, though, is definitely the School of Wizardry. Inspired by the Harry Potter series, the room features magical objects and references that every Potterhead is sure to recognize. Unfortunately, “Alohomora” won’t be enough to get you out of this room.

Escape Plan Manila’s rooms may be kid-friendly, but adults are guaranteed to enjoy them just as much! For your next family bonding, why not head to Escape Plan Manila? We assure you that it will be a bonding experience unlike any other. Plus, if you manage to escape the room in record time, your family will get a place on the escape room’s leaderboard for everyone to see!

Escape Plan Manila

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