Escalator Etiquette: A Friendly Reminder

Every morning, I encounter lots of hurrying individuals as we all try our best to get to work on time.

On occasions too often than what I’d like to admit,  I’m doing a brisk-walking of sorts that make me look like an awkward panting duck(ling), trying to make her way in the urban jungle.

I have to walk nearly 2 kilometers from the last UV express stop to my office and I swear, having to brisk-walk for 15 minutes is an annoying task.

escalator etiquette

What adds up to the mini marathon I do every morning is having to go all patintero mode on the escalator because I have to dodge those who have the leisure of time, because I don’t.

I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this, but it can also get annoying when escalators become crowded, especially if we’re already in a hurry.

Hence, escalator etiquette.

Those who have the time to join the escalator’s pace can stay on the right side while those who are on full Temple Run mode can hurry it up on the left side. To be honest, I wasn’t informed about this before seeing this photo around 3 years ago. I thought it was just a natural occurrence to go patintero on the escalator.

So now, I’m sharing this with everyone else, to serve as a friendly reminder. Let your friends and family know about escalator etiquette! Hopefully, it’ll become a permanent practice here in the Philippines.