Epic Board Gaming Marathon coming to Quezon City this November

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DATE/TIME: November 24, 2018 (11:00 AM) to November 25, 2018 (2:00 AM)

VENUE: Hungry Meeples, Congressional Avenue Ext., Quezon City

ATTENDEES: Minimum of 200 people (16-35 y/o, male & female)


Game Detective, in cooperation with Hungry Meeples Boardgame Cafe, is proud to announce a Mini Boardgaming Convention and Gaming Marathon for the benefit of Celia Salazar’s ongoing medical treatment.

Cooperative Play: Gaming for a Cause!

Put away your gadgets and get ready for some human social interaction! From 11 am on November 24, straight until 2 am on November 25, Game Detective brings you a day of nonstop gaming where you can pit your mind against other people, test your intelligence and sit down to have some serious fun table time!  All while supporting a noble cause.

Get to meet members of the Philippine Boardgaming community and learn more about the local Board Game scene.  Try out new and exciting games well past your regular Monopoly and Scrabble, and prepare yourself for a headfirst dive into the unforgettable experience of modern board gaming!

Exciting events also await during the 15-hour long gaming marathon!

-A live update progress bar of funds raised.  With each corresponding goal reached, larger and more exciting raffle prizes are unlocked!

(All ticket holders to the event are entitled to one raffle entry per ticket purchased!)

-A Charity Auction on various collectible and hard to find board games starting at seriously low prices.

-Mega Games Scheduled! Play large player count games with fellow attendees! Werewolf, Two Rooms and A Boom and other games will be scheduled and run during the event!

-Long Game session! Select from Game Detective’s collection of over 600 unique titles, with our highly proficient game instructors guiding you through each game, or bring your own! Now’s your chance to knock out that 8-hour long game!

-Free Popcorn! Each ticket purchased not only entitles you to an entry in the raffle, admission, and the opportunity to help out a fellow gamer in his time of need, but also gives you a free bag of popcorn!

What are you waiting for, the gaming event of the season is here for only a 250 Peso donation that entitles you to all of these awesome events on November 24th! Tickets are available through TheGameDetective.com or through Facebook.com/GameDetective.

Cooperative Play, let’s all win, together! Game On!