EnviroPop: WWF’s First Mobile App Can Save Philippine Seas

When in Manila, it is imperative that we all do our part in helping preserve and protect our planet’s natural resources. After all, we only have one planet to call home, and that is Mother Earth.



What’s even more astounding is that, as WWF-Philippines Individual Donor Program Officer Honey Carmona pointed out, the Philippines—our own beloved country—”sits at the apex of the Coral Triangle, the world’s epicenter for marine life.” She also firmly encourages everyone to prioritize marine conservation, especially that plenty of people, Filipinos included, rely on the sea for food, livelihood and ecotourism.


As the world’s largest independent conservation organization, WWF needs all the help it can get. And due to the imminent danger marine animals are facing, the WWF-Philippines collaborated with AppLabs Digital Studios to create a mobile application that will simultaneously educate and entertain people of all ages while helping WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation programs.


For just $0.99 (around Php40) players get to download the app and, at the same time, contribute to the preservation of marine biodiversity. Now that‘s money well spent, don’t you agree?


What’s EnviroPop?


WWF’s first mobile application, EnviroPop, features a puzzle application that introduces six marine species and five common sea hazards. Enviropedia, a cool and informative collection of important information on the marine species and sea hazards, is also included in the application.  The “environment encyclopedia” shares relevant and noteworthy facts about WWF’s priority species and the destructive impact of pollutants and unsustainable fishing practices on marine ecosystems. 

EnviroPop Main Menu

Meanwhile, the EnviroPop gameplay is simple yet addicting: Players must rescue the endangered species from cyanide bottles, dynamite sticks, oil drums, PET bottles, and trawl nets by clearing the grid of these threats in one minute. 


Save WWF-Philippines’ sea creatures Bobby the Butanding (whale shark), Clara the Clownfish, Doogie the Dugong, Gary the Grouper, Pattie the Pawikan (sea turtle) and Dolly the Dolphin in the game by eliminating as many hazards as you can. Save all marine creatures in real life by downloading EnviroPop, When in Manila.






Download EnviroPop on the Apple App Store


Proceeds from the purchase of this app will go to WWF-Philippines’ marine conservation efforts.





 All images taken from EnviroPop’s iTunes page.

EnviroPop: WWF’s First Mobile App Now Available for Download