ENTERTAINMENT: Wizards of Waverly Place Cast reunite at David Henrie’s wedding!

Everything IS what it seems!

Don’t you miss the magic and tactics up the sleeves of the wands of the Russos?! Suddenly, it’s magic again because the Wizards of Waverly Place cast were spotted altogether at David Henrie’s wedding last April 21st! The happy groom played Justin, the eldest child of the Russo kids who were young wizards.

The cast members shared photos of their happy reunion on their social media accounts. All actors and actresses are still very much active in show business. In fact, Selena Gomez is the executive producer of Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why!

Fans of Wizards have expressed love and merriment upon seeing the casts’ photos uploaded of their small reunion.

David DeLuise Jake T Austin

David DeLuise played Jerry, the head of the Russo family. Not only is he an actor, but also a director. Did you know he directed some episodes of Wizards?

He uploaded a collage of the cast’s happy reunion and captioned:

So happy I was with my TV family. Congratulations @davidhenrie what a beautiful blessed day #wizards #love #selenagomez”

Jake T. Austin played the youngest Russo sibling, Max. Puberty really did him great, don’t you think?! See the difference here!

He uploaded through a photoset on Instagram and simply captioned, “A special day with some amazing people.”

Jennifer Stone Maria Canals Barrera

Jennifer Stone played the best friend of Selena Gomez on the show, Harper. Her upload on Instagram shows that the Wizards cast (sans David) shared joyous moments posing in the wedding’s photobooth.

She captions: “Reunited and it feels so good! @daviddeluise @jaketaustin @maria_cb @selenagomez @davidhenrie”

Maria Canals-Barrera played Theresa, the mother of the Russo kids and the spouse of Jerry. She is lookin’ smokin’ even after all these years! Through a photoset on Twitter, she shared photos of her daughters with her former on-screen daughter Selena Gomez who played Alex on Wizards and Jennifer Stone.

She captions: “My sweet girls, my Bridget @selenagomez @comeagainjen14 & my Madeleine!”

David Henrie

Of course, the happy groom expressed his joy and gratitude on seeing his former-on screen family on his big day. He shares a photo with the Wizards cast with his wife, Maria Cahill, who was a former Miss Delaware.

He captions: “It was truly an honor to have my whole cast come to my big day! Could be more blessed and appreciative of all that we did together… Many memories I’ll never forget and always cherish. @selenagomez @jaketaustin @comeagainjen14 @daviddeluise and @maria_cb! @christinekariphotography”

My Disney heart is so happy. Congratulations to the newly weds, and also to the Wizards cast for a happy reunion!

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