ENTERTAINMENT: This Guy Performs ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Opening Song on ‘The Voice’ and Four Chairs Turn!

When amateur singers go through blind auditions on “The Voice,” they often choose from a wide repertoire of pop and ballad songs.

However, in one rare blind audition on “The Voice Thailand,” a contestant sang “Chala Head Chala,” which is the intro to one of our most loved animated shows – Dragon Ball Z.

And what is even more amazing is that he was able to make four chairs turn with that performance.

Watch his full performance below.

He ended his performance with a Kamehameha Wave!

The judges liked his performance so much that they even requested for him to sing other songs. He sang other intro songs from “Doraemon” and “Saint Seiya.”

It seems like it was not the first time the Chala Head Chala. A contestant also performed the song on “The Voice Peru.” However, he was only able to make one chair turn.

What do you think of these performances?

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