ENTERTAINMENT: The Evolution of ‘Darna’

Darna over the decades has remained the most famous and iconic superheroine in Filipino pop culture.

Conceptualized by writer Mars Ravelo and artist Nestor Redondo in 1939, Darna was 2 years ahead of Wonder Woman (1941).

Angel Locsin Darna

Darna’s appearance is distinctive and iconic: she usually wears a red undergarment with a gold star in each; red helmet with ruby encrusted gold winged medallion; gold bracelets; golden medallion belt with a loincloth in the middle; and almost knee-high red stiletto boot.

Darna’s origins are extraterrestrial and her human alter- ego “Narda” transform by swallowing a white stone and shouting “Darna!” She has superhuman strength, stamina, speed, agility, and endurance.

She has telekinesis, heat vision, telepathy, can regenerate, can resist magic and she can fly. He weapons are indestructible bracelets, helmet and throwing stars.

Darna has been portrayed by famous actresses, among them, House Representative Vilma Santos-Recto, Anjanette Agbayri, Nanette Medved, Angel Locsin, and Merian Rivera.

vilma santos as darna

Not to mention, the comedy king himself, Dolphy played Darna.

dolphy as darna

Darna takes off again the latest to play her will be Liza Soberano, ABS-CBN is still tight-lipped about the project. I bet she will look stunning!

The evolution of Darna has evolved into a better way of portraying the modernized superhero.

What do you think of Liza being the modernized Darna? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 


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